I’ve been living in the bay area for about three and half years now, and yet I haven’t fully explored the city of San Francisco. This city is one of the most popular international tourist destinations with its population diversity and famous landmarks that were built there. Although San Francisco has become one of the most expensive cities to live in the United States, many people don’t give it a second thought because of opportunity and the city-like vibe it gives to those who live there.

One of my closest friends from high school lives and works in San Francisco as an amazing artist and photographer while also working on her modeling career. I have always been in love with her fashion style since the day I met her; she expresses her unique personality through all her outfits she puts together. Most of the time she would tell me a lot of her clothes were found through thrifting because she loves the whole “vintage, repurposed clothing” look. I was always so amazed by the outfits she would create without spending a lot of money. She was different and never followed trends, but  created them for everyone else in school. Without a doubt, she influenced how I like to dress today.

I decided to visit her recently and had her give me a tour of her favorite spots in the city. Her outfit completely caught my eye that day, and I was obsessed (as I am with all the outfits she puts together). For this look she’s wearing a navy blue, small polka dotted quarter-sleeve dress with a white collar. The shoes she paired with this dress are black cclosed-toed thick heels with silver studs. This Fashionista always wears the cutest accessories to accent her outfit; here she’s wearing gray sunglasses with blue reflector shades, a red statement necklace, purple/silver earrings with a silver outline, and a small brown floral backpack for the finishing touch!

I hope you all love the Fashionista’s style as much as I do! You can always change up your fashion if you don’t always want to keep following the latest trends; it’s okay to switch it up sometimes! Follow all my social media to stay updated with my next post.