3 Ways to Make Your Dorm Cozier This Season

October 10th, 2017 at 1:06am

Once the weather gets cold, there’s nothing more appealing than curling up in a cozy space with a hot beverage and your favorite book or Netflix series. Sometimes, dorm life doesn’t lend itself to such quintessential fall activities, though. Trust me, crafting the perfect autumnal Instagram post is tough with cinderblock walls and a messy desk looming in the background. Here are just a few ways to make your dorm the cozy cold-weather oasis you’ve been dreaming about all year.

pillows, blankets, and candles galore

To instantly make your space fall-ready, bring out your best throw pillows and blankets and light a favorite candle—if your building allows it, of course! Adding these simple touches to your dorm will quite literally make it more comfortable, but a familiar scent will contribute to seriously cozy vibes.

PHOTO: Anna Coke

seasonal soundtrack

Set the fall mood with a collection of tracks that instantly put you in a good mood. Filling your space with relaxing music is the ideal way to unwind and make your dorm as cozy as possible. Consider buying one of your favorite albums on a record and allow a record player to serve as a piece of vintage-inspired décor. Look to artists like John Mayer, Khalid, and John Legend for slow jams that are catchier than the common cold.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

fall food

While most dining halls aren’t serving pumpkin spice lattes and apple pie on the daily, every fall-obsessed Fashionista needs some fall snacks in her life. Plus, nothing is quite as cozy as wrapping your hands around a huge mug and sipping something cinnamon-scented. Grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s always stock amazing fall snacks (pumpkin ice cream and dark chocolate, please!) so stopping in to pick up a few is seasonal snacking at its best.

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Featured photo by Jordyn Wissert.