5 Fall Dorm Room Decorations for a Cozy Living Space

October 10th, 2018 at 5:00pm
5 Fall Dorm Room Decorations for a Cozy Living Space

After a chaotic first month of school, there’s something comforting about the transition into fall that brings sweater weather, the beginning of the holidays, and, of course, pumpkin spice lattes. One of the best parts of fall is decorating your home so that it’s cozy, inviting, and fun! It’s almost like a warm-up for December. As per our October theme of homecoming, here are some fall dorm room decorations (that won’t break the bank) to make your space perfect for this season. Sit back, relax, and steep your favorite cup of tea.

PHOTO: @heynoots

Exchange Essentials with Seasonal Picks

Just like your mom might switch out hand towels, soaps, and plates from month to month at home, the easiest way to decorate your dorm on a budget is to switch out your essentials seasonally. Pillows, mugs, soaps, tabletop decor, and prints are great items to start with. Even better? Take some time on the weekend to get crafty and make fall dorm room decorations yourself.

Shop our picks: Society6 Pumpkin Patch Throw Pillow ($30), Pottery Barn Pumpkin Figural Mug ($8), Mrs. Meyers Apple Cider Hand Soap ($4)


Incorporate Autumnal Scents

Candles might not be allowed in your dorm room, but that doesn’t mean it can’t smell like a batch of warm cookies. Diffusers and plug-ins are a great way to make your room smell good 24/7, and the scent options are endless. You can even coordinate scents with your roommates!

Shop our picks: P&J Trading Autumn Set of 6 Premium Fragrance Oils ($17), Pier 1 Imports Sugared Cinnamon Collection Reed Diffuser ($17)

Add Some Fake Foliage

Sometimes being festive is as easy as sticking fake leaves to the wall. If you already have fairy lights up, weave a leaf garland around them for a cozy effect. Line the perimeter of your bathroom mirror with foliage or hang a wreath on your front door. Get your roommates involved and create DIY leaves with glitter pens and construction paper.

Shop our picks: CraftMore Fall Maple Leaf Garland ($19), Derker Assorted Leaves ($8)

Don’t Forget Snacks

It’s not fall without Halloween candy! Seasonal snacks are not only welcoming, but they make you feel like you’re back at home. Fill a leftover mug or mason jar with your favorite fall snack from the convenience store on campus. If sweets are too tempting, try tea bags, popcorn, or pumpkin seeds instead.

Shop our picks: Brach Autumn Mix Candy ($7), Tazo Chai Tea ($7)

Make a Mood Board

Although we community members tend to think of mood boards as inspiration for outfit ideas, they can be so much more. Autumn is the time to get comfortable in your new space and set goals for the year. What do you want to do this season? What to you want to eat, wear, see? If you don’t feel like ripping up an old magazine, you can also make an inspiration folder on your desktop and set it as your screensaver.


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