The Everyday Statement Purse

August 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am

Who says that your everyday purse has to be a solid color or just plain black? Exactly, so my everyday purse I have been wearing has a combination of red, green, and black. It sort of has an Aztec print on the strap that I usually don’t go for, but the style and color of the purse made me fall in love with it. The reason I like the colors so much is probably that they are the Gucci colors and anything that reminds me of them needs to be in my closet immediately.

So with this purse, I paired the classic Air Force Ones, which are a must in everyone’s closet. You can definitely class it up by wearing a dress with them or exactly how I wore it in this look. I also wore these two-tone jeans, inspired by Vetements, from H&M for only $10! I was the happiest girl around when I swiped my card and the cashier gave me the shopping bag. I walked out of the store feeling like I just conquered the world! Don’t you also feel that way when you snagged an amazing deal? Then last but not least, I wore this nude mesh bustier top from the Zara sale with a basic white T-shirt underneath.

I definitely like how this overall look gives off neutral color-blocking vibes (except the purse, obviously.) So I dare you to go out and get an everyday statement purse, or even just a cool strap to add to your existing black purses, even if it’s out of your comfort zone. A majority of the times I try a new style, I end up loving it!

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