The Easy and Free Way to Instantly Elevate Your Workout

October 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am
The Easy and Free Way to Instantly Elevate Your Workout

No matter if you are a yogi, cycle addict, cross fit queen, or you just like to hit the stair master after class, there is a simple, no-cost trick to help you intensify your workout. There is a good chance you already know what it is—airplane mode. I know it’s obvious but people do not take advantage of this feature and don’t realize how important it is to disconnect during a workout.

When I go to the gym, I see people running on the treadmill and looking down at their Instagram feed. First of all, I’m shocked I haven’t seen anyone fall yet. But the real issue with this is that scrolling through Insta on the treadmill or tweeting on a bike is taking your focus away from the workout. When you lose focus, your intensity and energy exertion drop.

A study done by ScienceDirect, which examined the impact of cell phone texting on exercise intensities, showed that talking and texting on your cell phone has the ability to decrease the duration of time spent exercising at higher intensities and decrease your exercise workload. That explore page can actually cheat you out of a great workout.

PHOTO: Emily Truong

It’s important to think of your workout as some hard-earned “you time.” Yes, working out isn’t always fun, but an afternoon yoga class may be your only hour to yourself that day. The decision to go and exercise is a treat for both your body and your mind. It contributes to our well-being and sanity as students, which we can very easily lose if we’re not careful.

Next time, before you head to the gym, track, or field, set up and download your playlist, plug in some headphones, and remind yourself how great this workout is going to be. Focus, breathe, and let yourself unplug. You know you’ve earned it.

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PHOTO: Emily Truong