Easy Workout Ideas That Don't Require a Gym Membership

Get ready to whip out your bathing suit and feel confident! When bathing suit season arrives, many people like to get that “bikini body.” I’m here to tell you that there’s no such thing! Your body in a bikini is a bikini body; the hard part is feeling confident about that. With the warm weather approaching, you don’t even need to pay for a gym membership to get that confident energy. With these easy ideas, you can workout and stay active outside for free.

There are many ways to get active and stay healthy without paying a penny. My favorite way to workout outside is to go for a run. You can explore new areas you’ve never been to, you can run around your hometown, or you can drive to a new location and run somewhere with different scenery. I love running because there is always something to see and you can zone out to your favorite music. There are also no limits; you can run as far as you want to or as short as you want to. This is a great way to test your limits and build endurance. Personally I love using the Nike+RunClub app because it tells you exactly where you went, how far, and what your pace was. I am nowhere near a competitive runner but it always motivates me to see my miles add up!

Another great way to stay active is simply to utilize what’s around you. By doing this, you can create a free gym using just the things in your area. Find some steps, a natural incline, or bleachers to do some harder cardio.

Working out alone is great and can keep you focused, but it isn’t always that much fun. Instead, get outside and play with your friends. Grab a football, a soccer ball, or a baseball and get outside! During the semester, my friends and I often played baseball to get us outside and keep us active, and we had so much fun while doing it. When exercise is fun and free, it takes the “work” out of workout!

Wearing cute workout clothes motivates me to be active. Get yourself an outfit that makes you feel good to workout in, and you’ll want to do it more! And by spending less money on a gym membership, you’ll have more money to save on clothes.

What’s your favorite at-home workout? Let me know in the comments below!