5 Ways to Up Your Fitness and Gym Game

Being active has always been a huge part of my life. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned different ways to maximize my fitness efforts. Last semester I hardly worked out, so this summer I’ve been making up for lost time and readjusting my gym routine. Through this process, I’ve rediscovered what makes a huge difference in my day-to-day fitness goals. Below you’ll find my top five gym game-changers (besides a pair of killer leggings)!

1—Pre-workout supplements. How often do you find the excuse to skip the gym because you just don’t have it in you? Enter pre-workout. The most obvious benefit of pre-workout supplements is the energy boost. This effect is from stimulants, which help motivate you to get moving and maintain focus during your workout. Some less known benefits of pre-workouts include quicker muscle recovery and metabolism-boosting elements. Caffeine, among other ingredients found in pre-workouts, helps boost fat oxidation, body thermogenesis, and metabolism. Overall, pre-workouts will greatly improve your physical and mental fitness performance in the gym and recovery afterward.

2—Bluetooth earbuds. Invest in a pair of Bluetooth earbuds or wireless earphones! They allow you to increase your range of motion without having to worry about where to store your phone. If you’re a runner, I recommend a pair of earbuds that are both sweat-resistant and feature ear hooks.

3—Training gloves. If lifting weights is your jam, I highly recommend training gloves. They help improve grip and protect your hands from callouses. 

4—Blender bottles. Blender bottles are awesome (I think I have close to ten at the moment). Whether you’re using it just for water or for blending, they’re designed to be completely leak-proof. If you’re looking to use blender bottles to take your shake game to the next level, they come with a metal spherical “whisk” that eliminates clumps of protein powder/pre-workout/whatever from your drink. The final products are smooth shakes without the blender mess!

5—Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). When you engage in muscle-intense workouts, your body tears, and repairs your muscles, making them stronger in the process. BCAAs help improve muscle recovery by providing your muscles the building blocks they need to grow. It’s important to consume BCAAs (whether through protein such as chicken or through supplements) around your training session. This allows your muscles to get the fuel they need when they need it. There are three types of BCAAs your body needs but can’t produce, so it’s important to get all three types either through your diet or supplements. BCAAs are the most research-backed workout supplement, but I recommend doing your own research to make sure you properly incorporate them into your diet and fitness regimen.

What do you like to do to get active? Do you have other recommendations for upping your gym game? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista on Instagram to show off how you workout in style!