Dress to Express

July 13th, 2017 at 2:10am

My sister invited me to her university fashion show last March, and I was thrilled. Not only because I’d get to meet new people and see new collections and interesting brands, but also to start planning the outfit for the night. It was when I checked the dress code, “Dress to impress,” that I started thinking, “Wait a second. Do I need to impress somebody?”

At least that’s how “Dress to impress” sounds to me: Needing to impress someone with my outfit. Correct me if I’m wrong, but personally, I find this very confusing. When it comes to me planning my outfit, I always try to think how I would feel most comfortable. What should I wear in order to feel confident? How do I like the dress I’m trying on? Should I go for pink or yellow?

I don’t deny it: I wouldn’t mind my friends, my boyfriend, or a random person giving me a nice compliment on my new dress or lipstick. I’m quite positive that you’ll never harm anyone whenever you give a positive comment. However, I think you should always dress for yourself and not for anyone else.

When I lived in Sweden, I found it very bizarre when my friends gave me cute and friendly comments on the smallest things like earrings. The first time it felt kind of weird but also boosted my humor. But still, I never stopped wearing my favorite earrings that never actually got any compliments.

“Dress to impress,” but why not express instead? Express your inner self with clothes, makeup and other details that you like and that suit you. Express your personality and mood. Don’t bother if someone doesn’t like the pink jacket you just bought or thinks that you shouldn’t wear pink lipstick. If girly, pink lipstick is the thing you like, go for it!

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