How to Dress for Success in a Professional Setting

How do you dress for work and look professional without looking dowdy? The key is to keep the overall look simple while playing up accents, details, and accessories. Another key when deciding what to wear to work is to keep in mind the season and the atmosphere of your workplace.

For instance, the summer season is a great time to take advantage of wearing open-toe shoes. But choosing to wear sandals to your food service industry job would not be a sanitary choice, and would not earn you points with your employer. If you work in retail, however, pushing boundaries by wearing open-toe shoes or trendy culottes is widely accepted and could get you noticed in a positive way.

Here, this Fashionista dresses whimsically for summer in a flowing, polka dot chiffon dress paired with trendy, open-toe, opaque white jelly heels. She finishes the look with delicate, tortoise shell glasses. The look is stylish, yet comfortable and functional. Working in a flexible environment allows this Fashionista to experiment with style while dressing in a way appropriate for her age and for work.

To take this look to the next level, try adding a bold lip or pairing the dress with a structured jacket for a more polished, professional appearance. This type of simple look also lends itself to versatility. Wear this look to work in the day, and easily play it up with a bold accessory change for nighttime fun.

Is this a successful work look? What are your thoughts? Make sure to comment below!