10 Dress Styles For Dress-Phobic People

Imagine: you’re talking amongst your friends and one person asks why you don’t wear dresses more often. Do you A.) run for the hills B.) stare at her with eyes wide open or C.) Both A and B. Whichever choice you answered, it’s time for an intervention. For those of you who have what some may call “dress-phobia,” there are a few tips and tricks to try to overcome that fear.

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to wear that dress you’ve always wanted to try but were never quite too sure how to style. From slips to slits, 10 Style Gurus show a variety of styles you can get some inspiration from and hopefully, the next time a person says the word “dress,” you’ll be owning one of these looks with great pride and ease.

the slip

This dress has been popular for the past few seasons, and it’s no wonder why. Both versatile and comfortable, the slip dress can be layered with a variety of shirts to fit any type of weather you’re in.

PHOTO: @lizzieclark_

the cut-out

For those who don’t want to try too much (and want to show off some midriff), this cut-out dress is the one. The knot will give enough detailed flair for you to skip out on other accessories.

PHOTO: @sarahdewald

the knee-high combo

The bodycon and knee-high boots combo is an effortless style inspired by many It fashion girls from Los Angeles. It’s also great for those who feel too exposed wearing dresses.


PHOTO: @myohmayafashion


the halter

This style makes any dress all the more glamorous. Playing with different necklines like the halter will give any outfit more personality (just be sure to put on some sunscreen if you’re trying out this one!)

PHOTO: @theelspethblog

the tomboy

Something about this dress and sneaker duo makes for an ultra cool and laid back tomboyish vibe. Play down any dress with a pair of your favorite sneakers for a more casual look.


PHOTO: @briannailah


the slit

For those who are more daring, this dress is for you. The maxi dress gets an instant cool factor with a long slit, and to make yours even more daring, add a pair of fishnets to really make the outfit pop.

PHOTO: @catauker

the schoolgirl

Style Gurus from all over the country have been sporting these overall dresses that are perfect for an everyday school look. It’s also easy to style: just add a cute shirt and you’re good to go!

PHOTO: @mixed.hues

the pocket

Whenever a dress includes pockets, I literally scream with joy. For those who need more practicality in their outfits, this dress is perfect for you.


PHOTO: @threadedco


the A-line

For a feminine look, try an A-line dress with floral patterns and/or layer with a sweater like this Style Guru. The shape is flattering on every body type!


PHOTO: @waylie.tran


the T-shirt

Oversize shirts are probably the easiest to get away with when attempting to wear dresses. Pair the look with heels, boots, or sandals and layer a blazer on top for a more put-together look.


PHOTO: @withlovethelms


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