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Don't Head Out For Spring Break Unless You've Packed These Things

March 6th, 2017 at 2:00am

The countdown has begun to the best part of the semester: spring break! It’s the last stretch of tests, projects, and essays before we can finally ditch the stress. Whether you have a weekend getaway to the beach or a week trip to an island with your friends, you need to be prepared for every occasion.

Channel your pre-vacation daydreams by making your packing list! While you’re waiting for the days to go by so you’ll be sitting on the beach while sitting in class, jot down a list of all the things you’ll need to bring with you. Here are some essential items that you should make sure you pack for a successful adventure!

Sunglasses! Avoid going blind in the sun when taking cute pictures outside with a cool pair of sunglasses. Pick a classic color, like brown or black, so that it will match every outfit. You can also swap with your friends for different styles.

Photo via @ximena.adriana

Sunscreen! Your skin needs the most attention while catching some of the sun’s rays. Pack a fresh bottle of high-protection sunscreen to bring with you wherever you go. Make sure to reapply every few hours so that you don’t end up with a burn (and in pain) while enjoying your vacation.

Photo via @gabscherer

A cute, new swimsuit! Warm weather means you should be diving into the water! Spoil yourself and pick up a new bathing suit before you leave. Rock your body either poolside or along the beach in style.

Photo via @beedurst

A reusable water bottle! A reusable water bottle will help you stay hydrated throughout the day! It will also stop you from spending extra on water bottles and other drinks throughout your trip. Refill it any chance you get, and try to add fruit to boost the taste.

Photo via @isabellaleclair

A light face scrub! Get rid of the leftover makeup, oils, and sand from your skin with a daily face wash! It’s a quick-me-up to start the day fresh. Keeping your pores clean will stop any unnecessary skin issues from popping up!

Photo via @katiekeogh

Lots of hair ties! You don’t want to risk losing the one hair tie that you bring with you. Keep prepared by stashing a pack of them in your bag. They’re multi-purposeful, from styling your hair to tying up your shirt. You’ll also be a lifesaver for your friends when they lose theirs!

Photo via @kelseybaska

A disposable camera! Don’t worry about your phone getting wet with the help of a disposable camera! Bring it with you wherever you go and capture the fun and silly moments with your friends. Then, you’ll be able to reminisce on all of the memories when you go to develop them.

Photo via @greysonasmus

A good book! Nothing beats relaxing in the nice weather with a new book. Check out some recommendations and stash it in your carry-on for easy reading. Travel to a new place in your mind and open up your imagination!

Photo via @tayy_kay

What are your spring break essentials? Let us know in the comments below!