These Disney Hair Buns are From Another World

These Disney Hair Buns are From Another World

Glitter, sparkles, and color. Oh my! Enter a world beyond belief in Disney-worthy style with galaxy hair buns. This look is inspired by the release of the new Avatar Land at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The World of Avatar is a themed area inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar, located within Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. The beauty of Pandora revolves around the unique hues of color in plants and the bio-luminescent rainforest at night. To capture the essence of Pandora, I have created a magical hairstyle that is truly out of this world.

My hair is caked in duo-chrome flecks of glitter in iridescent shades of green, blue, and pink. To achieve this hair, I first split my hairline down the middle of my head to create an even part. Then I carefully rolled and pinned each side into buns. I set all my hair with hairspray before applying anything extra to my locks.

After the hairspray has dried, I applied a thick layer of colored hair cream. Using a dye brush will prevent any unnecessary residue and mess on the skin. Apply and blend each hue of the creams as you please. I blended some areas to create a purple hue while I left others as blue and pink streaks. While the cream I used for this look is no longer in stores, there are plenty of alternatives to adding color to hair temporarily. Visit your local party store or wait until Halloween season to find the best deals on temporary hair color both in sprays and hair creams.

If you are feeling extra bling, some glitter bobby pins will take the look to the next level and secure any loose strands down. Finally, sprinkle on some glitter and set it with hairspray. I used four different glitters in blue, pink, green, and iridescent green and pink.

My outfit was assembled to enhance the hair, not to distract from it. I am wearing a white mesh dress which acts as a blank canvas for any ensemble. Investing in a little black dress is just as important as a white one! I am accessorizing with a beautiful pair of glitter Topshop socks, Vans high-top sneakers, a prism necklace, and a graphic Disney purse. Choosing a focal piece like the hair makes everything else fall into place when choosing an outfit and accessories.

Have you tried styling these fun hair buns? Share your style with @CFashionista on social media!

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