ALL IN THE DETAILS: Vintage Meets Simple

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Vintage Meets Simple

It’s finally the end of the semester. Now all that’s standing between you and summer are dreadful finals. Keep pushing through though, you’re so close to being finished.

Just because it’s finals week doesn’t mean you can’t dress cute though. This month’s Fashionista shows us how to transform a simple outfit to a 10/10 classic, put together look. She started her outfit with a basic button-down white blouse. This shirt is perfect for this time of year, long sleeves to keep you warm from the spring breeze, yet a light enough material to keep you from sweating under the beautiful sunshine. She paired the white button-down with a pair of classic, light wash cutoff shorts.

To take this from a standard and pretty boring outfit to chic, vintage feels, she added simple details. From her head to toes, she screams Fashionista! Her first accessory is this vintage, flat fedora. Hats are the perfect functional and stylish accessory. To add a simple detail, she tied a cream colored bandana around her neck, which added a little contrast to her white blouse. To complete her look, she slipped on a pair of loafer slides.

This just goes to show that accessories can truly make an outfit. You can mix and match different accessories to create different styles and different looks. Replace the flat fedora with a suede ball cap, the scarf with a gold choker and the loafer slides with a pair of strapped sandals and you’ll create a laid back, sporty look.