ALL IN THE DETAILS: Totally Ripped

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Totally Ripped

Spring is in the air on college campuses and we can finally step outside without instantly freezing. This much needed rise in the temperature gives us an opportunity to break out all of our spring attire and say “goodbye” to our heavy, winter coats. There is nothing more difficult than carrying around book bags, purses, and textbooks while wearing layer upon layer of clothing just to keep warm. The pleasant spring air makes walking to class a little bit easier for everyone. Now that the days are warmer, we are able to expand our outfit selection so much more. Since we can ditch the big coats that cover up our whole outfit, we can spend more time accessorizing as well as showing off small details that make the look complete.

This Fashionista is taking full advantage of the sunshine and spring weather in her stylish outfit. She is wearing a cold shoulder top that is super cute and definitely shows a little bit of skin. It is slightly cropped and is the perfect choice for the spring. It allows you to keep cool in the sun, yet stay warm if a breeze rolls by. This Fashionista pairs the top with some ripped skinny jeans, with holes all down the legs, which make this outfit really pop. My favorite part of this look is her leopard print booties! I love how well they complement her outfit. She accessorizes with a simple watch and bracelet and holds onto a Michael Kors handbag. Just in case the spring weather decides to take a turn, she is prepared to throw on a lightweight jacket if needed. The small details in this outfit like the rips in the jeans, the cutout shoulders, and the tiny print on the shoes bring this outfit together into one awesome look!

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