ALL IN THE DETAILS: Slide to the Left, Slide to the Right

You must live under a rock if you have not noticed this new trend. Slides are making their way back into the fashion cycle, and we could not be more excited. These shoes are so versatile, and come in a huge selection of colors, prints, textures, and more. Trust me on this, there are slides to fit every unique personality.

Slides started first appearing in the ’90s. Remember that Steve Madden all-black sandal? You were not born in the ’90s if you did not own a pair. Well, they are making a comeback, along with many other variations, for slide sandals. The nostalgia could not get any better than this.

This Fashionista paired her slides with a casual, yet flirty, ensemble, perfect for that summer weather. Her white slides make a bold statement, when combined with her rust-colored romper. Apart from her bold shoes, the western-style belt, adds dimension to her outfit by complementing her waist and showing off her figure. You can’t forget about how her nails, coated in white nail polish, bring the whole outfit together.

These sandals are a perfect way to start your summer because it is no fun sweating in your favorite booties. They will let your feet breathe so that you can focus on more important matters. Although, if you do get cold in the night, consider pairing your slides with crazy fun socks. You never know, you might be the inspiration for the next fashion trend, and people will line up for your style advice.