May 24th, 2017 at 10:00am

The end of May is here, and that means the end of the semester is here—summer break starts now. While the end of the semester meant exams and consequently some extremely comfortable and not so cute outfits, others embraced the warmer weather through the color of their clothes. Summer colors are often bright with intense hues, but the question remains, how do we still wear black and not look like we’re ready for winter?

This Fashionista shows us how it’s done by adding pops of black throughout her outfit. The key to this Fashionista’s outfit is minimalism as she chose a light blue button-down with cuffed sleeves layered under wide-leg, mustard overalls. Then she spreads little details of black throughout the outfit. She wears little black ankle boots, a black bag, and a black umbrella to add details to the outfit.

To finish off her look she wore her hair in a long braid and paired it with a dark berry lip. While the rules of fashion have changed and colors are not for just one particular season, wearing all black in summer might not be the look you are going for.

If you love black but need a way to wear it this summer than look to this Fashionista for inspiration. Adding details of black throughout the outfit is a great way to tie in black this season while not looking to dark in the sea of colors that is summer.

While this outfit is perfect for brunch or hanging out with friends, if you will be doing a lot of walking simply swapping out the boots for a pair of flats or loafers would work well. If you are looking to create an outfit like this Fashionista’s then consider adding a black belt to further tie in the black accent details throughout the outfit.