ALL IN THE DETAILS: Classy yet Sassy

Through my writing and style, I strive to bring out who I am as a person. I try to outline my independence, draw out my strength, and highlight my quirkiness. Despite your style, whether frat fashion or sorority star, goth goddess or homeless chic, you should wear what ever reflects who you are. You should dress for yourself, how you want others to see you, and how you want to feel about yourself.

As I waited outside of War Memorial Gym, I scanned the entrance for my model, a sweet southern belle that could charm the socks off a snake and an accent as rich as butter cream. Her bright smile approached me, automatically brightening my already hectic day. A farmer’s daughter and business major, this flawless Fashionista believes in expressing her bubbly personality through her bubbly sense of style. She lives by the golden rule on fashion trends: “”If it’s out, let’s bring it back in!” I loved how classic her style is, showing her feminine flare with every step. As a lover of androgynous, trendy, and edgy clothing, this was, indeed, a breath of fresh air. More importantly, I loved how she paid so much attention to detail, from her gold jewelry to her flirty falsies. Why sweat the small stuff when they can push your outfit beyond average?

The difference between a cute outfit and a fashionable outfit lies within the details. Each small thing you incorporate, whether a statement necklace, an ascot, or a killer handbag, shows depth and thought in your outfit, truly separating the stylish from the fashionable. Firstly, I would start with a solid outfit, whether it is a neutral denim-on-denim look or a sexy dress (really anything). Try to examine your possible accessories aside form jewelry: socks, belts, hats, glasses, nail polish, makeup, etc. (try to think outside the box). Now, keep in mind that this isn’t a time to play dress up with your mother’s clothes and pile as many accessories as you can: stay chic. Add a fun pair of sunglasses for a gorgeous day of walking to class or to hide your fatigue from another all-nighter. Wear a statement necklace to outshine all your classmates. Break out that funky arm candy and watch to remind you of how soon finals are approaching. Maybe do all of the above like this risky Fashionista.

Some final words of wisdom: no matter what you wear, feel happy and beautiful. Like everything else in life, difference is what makes us unique: embrace it!