May 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Since beginning college, Kent, Ohio has been my home away from home. After returning to Columbus, Ohio for the summer, however, I have once again been exposed me to the exciting fashion scene of the city. I explored the adorable little Old Worthington area on a Saturday afternoon just after the Farmer’s Market. In Old Worthington, brick is abundant and the streets are full of quaint restaurants and boutiques. There is an antique hotel that anchors the street corner and is full of character. It reflects many of the same colors that this Fashionista captures within her ensemble, too. The bustle from the Farmer’s Market fills brick sidewalks with sounds, smells, colors, and fashion (arguably the best part). I adore that this Fashionista’s outfit seems to represent what a Farmer’s Market encompasses, but through clothing.

Although this city is not new to me, I love sharing it to those unfamiliar and observing the various fashion that can be found. This Fashionista’s outfit reminds me of the warm colors found in Italy. Having not yet travelled there, I can only speak from photos. But, when I do finally get to see Florence, I can definitely envision myself styling an outfit inspired by this one. Layering two dresses is such an innovative and intriguing idea that this Fashionista chose. The floral dress provides a delightful contrast to the mustard sundress layered over top. Rain boots are perfected with the cutest detail of frilly socks that peek out above the shoes. Lastly, this Fashionista sports very chic, neutral glasses that complete the overall aesthetic of her look. For those without a need for prescription glasses, sunglasses with a similar beige rims would work as a perfect substitute. Hopefully this summery and stylish Fashionista inspires you as much as she did me!

Have a great summer!