Here's How to Recreate Lady Gaga's House of Gucci Style (on a College Student Budget)

Here's How to Recreate Lady Gaga's House of Gucci Style (on a College Student Budget)

If the newly released movie “House of Gucci” taught us anything, it proved there is nothing Lady Gaga can’t do. 

Gaga took on the role of Patrizia Reggiani, former wife-turned-murder of Maurizio Gucci in the newly released movie, House of Gucci. Arguably, the only aspect better than Adam Driver and Gaga’s portrayal of the destructive love story and failing family business was Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Yates’ styling of the fabulously-dressed character in true House of Gucci fashion.

While Patrizia Reggiani (the person) committed a heinous crime, the character’s wardrobe is no-doubt enviable. Yates cleverly illustrated the bold, unforgettable fashion of the ‘80s in Milan in this film. Deep reds, sophisticated plaids, classic headwear, and oversized layered jewelry drew my interest to this time in fashion history and convinced me I might just need to incorporate this style into my closet.  

While Gaga spent the majority of the film strutting around in Gucci suits, I know my college wallet would not like me if I attempted to adopt these luxury pieces. That’s why I found affordable alternatives, inspired by this over-the-top, elegant way of power-dressing

Keep reading for the 10 pieces you need to recreate Lady Gaga’s House of Gucci style — just on a college student budget.

House of Gucci Fashion House of Gucci Fashion House of Gucci Fashion House of Gucci Fashion House of Gucci Fashion House of Gucci Fashion
Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

01. Fluffy Hat

We’ve all seen the iconic ski resort picture of Driver and Gaga awkwardly posed in knit turtlenecks…right? Patrizia did not sacrifice luxury for warmth when she paired an oversized Cossack hat with her winter outfit. Add a modern twist to this accessory decision and opt for a fur bucket hat to achieve an equal level of elegance. The Roxxi Faux Fur Bucket Hat ($29) from Urban Outfitters is a perfect option, and it’s sold in four different prints.

Photo courtesy of ASOS.

02. Bold Jewelry

If you watched House of Gucci, you did not spot Gaga without an overwhelming amount of bulky, gold jewelry. In 2021, chunky earrings, and layered rings, bracelets and necklaces are trending across the country, mimicking this ‘80s approach to accessorizing. These ASOS DESIGN Chain Bracelets With Crystal ($11.50) are an affordable way to add small detail to any outfit.

Photo courtesy of MANGO.

03. Midi Dress

Patrizia wore ‘80s-style midi dresses throughout the film in all different patterns. This 1980s style dress was common during any season, paired with high heels and hair larger-than-life, of course. This Gathered Neckline Dress ($59.99) from MANGO offers a muted version of this piece, providing a more comfortable, adaptable option.

Photo courtesy of ASOS.

04. Head Scarf

Nothing screams ‘80s Italian fashion louder than a silk scarf sitting around the face, tied under the chin. In this day and age, you might want to take inspiration from TikTok for all the different ways trendsetters are wearing this accessory. Thrift stores are going to be the best spot to pick one up for relatively cheap. However, ASOS has a variety of patterns to choose from, including this vintage inspired ASOS DESIGN Polysatin Medium Headscarf In Renaissance Cherub Print ($17.50).

Photo courtesy of Lulu’s.

05. Neutral Pumps

Obviously, there is no other shoe that can match the energy of Patrizia Reggiani…Gucci. These pumps were made for building an empire and getting your way. Lulu’s has a great selection of heels, including these Patent Pointed-Toe Pumps ($38).

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

06. Round Sunglasses

Patrizia was constantly peeking into the Gucci fashion world behind a pair of oversized, round sunglasses…rain or shine. While these retro frames might remind you of something your grandma would sport on a sunny day, they are essential to recreate any ‘80s luxury outfit. Get these ANDWOOD Oversized Sunglasses ($13.95) on Amazon if you are prepared to look fabulous. 

Photo courtesy of H&M.

07. Fur-Trimmed Coat

Luxury wardrobes often involve fur-lining and clean tailoring. Yates dressed Gaga in brown fur coats with wide lapels and large collars for the colder scenes in Italy. For a more contemporary approach to this winter attire, invest in this H&M Faux Fur Jacket ($49.99). 

Photo courtesy of Zara.

08. Wide Belt

If you noticed, Yates cinched Gaga’s waist with a different belt in each scene, to give each look an hourglass silhouette, popular during the fashion of that decade. This technique can be done with a belt of any size or color. If you are looking for a replica of the classic Gucci accessory, check out Zara’s Basic Leather Belt ($35.90).

Photo courtesy of Lulu’s.

09. Red Statement Dress

Lady Gaga’s signature color in House of Gucci was undoubtedly red. Her bold, persistent personality can only be matched by this rich, statement shade that repeated itself often through the movie. Patrizia meets Maurizio wearing a red gown, similar to this V.I.P. Treatment Wine Red Mesh Ruched Bodycon Midi Dress from Lulu’s ($58).

Photo courtesy of Zara.

10. Plaid Jacket

Strutting around the cobblestone streets of Milan can only be done in a trench coat, in a clean, classy pattern like plaid. Wrap this winter essential around your statement dress and jewelry as you take on the world, like Lady Gaga’s character tried so hard to do. This Houndstooth Oversized Coat ($129) from Zara will give you the perfect balance between contemporary warmth and an ‘80s flare. 

Jenny Yates did an incredible job dressing Lady Gaga’s character in House of Gucci. The performer is known for her music, her acting, as well as her taste when it comes to fashion. I will forever take inspiration from this unstoppable talent.

Featured photo by @theguccimovie.