Is Personal Style Really a Thing Anymore?

One of the hardest questions any fashion-enthusiast is asked is, “So what’s your personal style?” We want to think the answer to this question is impossible to convey. How can you define years of testing and trying trends, making questionable clothing choices, and finding your fashion groove into a single word?

Although you’re individual style is one-of-a-kind, the reality is we all tend to still fall into one fashion niche or another. This doesn’t make you generic—far from it, in fact. Having a definable sense of style shows that you are confident in your fashion choices.

So the question remains, “So what’s your personal style?” We’re breaking down the major style profiles so the next time you are asked the aforementioned question, you can’t confidently (and stylishly) respond accordingly.

(Photo via @maddyhaller)

1—THE CLASSICISTS. Your wardrobe consists of simple staple pieces that never go out of style. You appreciate tradition, and rely on pieces proven to stand the test of time. So here’s to every foolproof white T-shirt, blazer, and trouser that has had your back in every style crisis to date. It’s truly an on-going love story. (Photo via @livingkendralauren)

2—THE BOHEMIANS. Here lies the free-spirited, thrifty style setters with an undoubted affinity for artisanal pieces with authentic details. From earthy, embroidered masterpieces to retro bell bottoms, you embrace every aspect of your modern day flower child mantra with ease. (Photo via @kalynnelizabeth)

3—THE MAVERICKS. New, bold territory is your guilty pleasure. If you’re part of this fearless fashion-forward group you’re not afraid to experiment with new trends and make a statement. You don’t follow the pack, you’re looking for pieces nobody has to start your own trends (and people follow you!) (Photo via @mmoor)

4—THE MINIMALISTS. If sleek, simple shapes and a monochrome, toned-down palette hit home, you’re a minimalist. Here, black is your best friend. You believe the no-frills hue always works, keeping your look smart and sharp for every occasion. (Photo via @gabscherer)

5—THE SPORTY ELITE. Athleisure rules your world and reworking vintage logos and taking cues from the runways has officially become your forte. Opting for sporty separates with old school-meets-new-school appeal keeps you looking chicer than ever both at the gym and on the streets. (Photo via @typicaltuyen)

6—THE WILDCARDS. You can’t fit in when you’re custom made, so classification is not always key. If you’re style is changing by the day, keep surprising us. You keep fashion alive, and (enviously) pull off every style like a pro. Props to you, Fashionista. Keep grindin’.

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