Day-to-Day Changes

Lola is low-maintenance. She is also dramatic. She’s a beautiful young woman who goes sans makeup most days. Her style shows that she really could care less what anyone thinks—which is true. Life is art in her eyes, and the clothes she wears are no exception. They aren’t just haphazardly thrown on. They’re thought out and have the perfect amount of coolness to them.

Her style is a mix of many influences. “I get a lot of inspiration from my mom and also the ’70s,” said Lola when I asked her how she’d describe her style. “A lot of what I wear just depends on my mood.”

Some days may be a flirty floral mini dress while other days it’s a cropped tube top and bell bottoms. Today, it’s a cute Levi denim mini skirt and vintage graphic T-Shirt. Her outfit is casual and effortless. What brings it up a notch, is her yellow suede jacket and red platform sandals from Anthropologie. This whole package gives off major cool vibes without looking like she tried too hard.

The final touch on Lola’s everyday look is her crazy sunglasses. They’re erratic and unusual, but typical Lola. They’re my favorite part about her outfit because it takes it from cool and collected to fun and playful. Instead of being an untouchable Fashionista, she becomes your best friend that you can laugh with while eating Thai food—and that’s the best kind of friend in my book.

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