A Dancer's Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to be more popular now than ever. Whether it’s because of the obesity rate is high or because it is trendy, everyone still seems to be trying to find their own way to stay healthy. There are many forms of exercise, ways to eat right, and ways to maintain good mental health. Dance is one of the ways to maintain a healthy body weight and mental state.

For this Fashionista, dance is her life. Her favorite style of dance, ballet, is the love of her life. As a college student, she is now able to train at the Joffrey Ballet School in Chicago. For those who are not familiar with the Joffrey Ballet School, it is a very prestigious dance school. Dancing is a great way to stay fit, but for her, it is also a way to maintain great mental health as well. It has helped her develop a work ethic and live life with grace and confidence. In order to perform for an audience, you must be confident in your abilities and know your weaknesses.

Half of training is eating healthy. While training, this Fashionista likes to stick to a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruit, and protein. For breakfast, she eats a piece of toast with almond butter and a fruit smoothie with protein. In the middle of the day, she eats a light meal consisting of an apple, raw almonds, and carrot sticks. To end the day she eats a kale salad with chicken or a sweet potato with other vegetables. If she eats well with every meal, she will reward herself with a sweet treat like ice cream.

On top of her healthy lifestyle, this Fashionista is fearless when it comes to style. She wears two different outfits depending on the workout. The first outfit is a blue leotard with breathtaking back details. She pairs it with a tutu and ballet shoes. In the second outfit, she is wearing a tan workout top with a pair of stretchy leggings. The leggings are perfect for a workout, giving her room to move around. She wears her ballet shoes again for this outfit.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is finding an activity that you are not just doing to be healthy, but because you love it. Find what works for you and stick with it!

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