How to Beat the Winter Blues and De-Stress This Season

Winter is quickly approaching, and that means snow, warm cuddles, and holiday joys with the ones we love. But even with all the fun and festivities, you may experience some not-so-great feelings. There might be days where you feel moody and feel sluggish. Days where it gets harder and harder to get motivated. And some days you might not want to get out of bed. On top of that, the stress of school and finals starts to creep up on you. If you’re anything like me, you thrive in the sunshine, warm weather, and a stress-free environment. The winter season makes it easy to get stuck in a mood. But don’t worry, because you can overcome any cold weather sadness! When it comes to figuring out how to beat the winter blues, we’ve got four helpful tips.

PHOTO: @tbouras15

Brighten up Your Space

An easy way to find joy during the winter is you change up your environment. This season is all about coziness and joyful feelings, so incorporate that. Add fuzzy rugs or little trinkets for decoration or use candles to add a sweet scent. So when you’re wondering how to beat the winter blues, create a space that makes you happy every time you enter it.

PHOTO: @hannah_fyfe

Do Things That Make You Happy

Even with the stress of school exams and the holiday season, it’s always important to take some time to do the things that make you happy. It could be reading your favorite book. Or you could go for walk. Even spending time with your loved ones can help. You will definitely see a difference in your mood when you take time to do something that brings you joy.

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Socialize with Others

With the weather getting colder, it’s easy to want to stay curled up in bed. As nice as it is to have “me time,” spending too much time alone can lead to feeling lonely. During this season of joy and kinship, always spend time with those that you love to help lift your spirits.

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Set Goals to Stay Motivated

If you feel unprepared to take on the day, set yourself small goals to achieve. Doing this can help you feel more organized, especially as the end of the year gets busier. To make these goals more special, reward yourself with things that you will look forward to.

How do you beat the winter blues and keep yourself happy when it’s cold? Share your tips in the comments.

Opening image by Casey Phillips