I Crafted My Dream Bedroom From Scratch and You Can Too

June 14th, 2017 at 2:10am

For those who have finally moved off campus, we all know the stress that comes with creating a room from complete scratch. The freedom to choose furniture, bedding, and the placement of it all becomes infinite! It took me a full semester to get my dream room together but alas, it finally embraces the perfect vision I had for my bedroom. For some tips on how I put it all together, keep reading!

The first and most important thing that I had to decide was the vibe of the room that I wanted. I’ve seen so many pieces that I loved, but there was no way that everything would have looked aesthetically pleasing together. For me, I knew I wanted my room to look clean, modern, and of course have a hint of sparkle. The best way I knew to go about this was to go back to the basics: white and black. I based my whole room on these two colors so I was able to do as much as I wanted without things clashing.

For my bed, I decided to start with a clean canvas and chose all white bedding along with a white headboard. From there, I looked near and far for pillows and throws to dress up my all-white bedding. HomeGoods is amazing because every location offers different items which makes them that much more unique. I decided to go with an asymmetrical decor pillow look to stray away from it being too boring. My three pillows all possess such different patterns, materials, and textures, but it completely brings the room together since I stayed in the same color scheme.

For my full mirror, I was able to snatch it from a yard sale actually! The dark wood accent on the mirror really matches the B&W aesthetic I was going for. The mirror alone wasn’t enough for me so I decided to dress it up with a set of circle string lights. It offers extra lighting for amazing OOTD pictures and warms up my room. Can you say “multi-functional?”

For other pieces, I tried to look for things that embodied what I wanted but also stayed within the vibe. My dresser was a DIY project. The drawers are from IKEA, but I decided to sparkle it up and added the crystal-like knobs. I also found a mirrored night stand from HomeGoods with black trimming and a mirrored jewelry holder from Target! A huge reason I wanted to pursue the mirror furniture was because of the effect that mirrors have in a room. They make the room look bigger than it is as they reflect light, compared to solid pieces that do not have this effect.

It took a whole semester, but I finally put together my perfect bedroom, all while feeling like an interior designer in the process. What does your self-decorated college room look like? I would love to see them, so share them with me on social media and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!