Introducing CollegeFashionista's New “Intern Diaries” Series

Think summer break is all sunshine, lazy days, and ice cream cones? Think again. Just because classes are over for the semester, doesn’t mean the learning or fun stops. Summer break in college means one thing: internships. It’s time to take all those skills and facts you learned throughout the semester (or crammed for finals) and put them to actual use!

Our CollegeFashionista Style Gurus are some of the coolest, hardworking people we know. So it’s no surprise they landed some of the raddest, most coveted internships out there! Welcome to the “Intern Diaries,” a new series where we follow seven of our Style Gurus through their insanely cool internships this summer. From learning how to make a good first impression to learning how to take on new responsibilities, these interns will be sharing their internship journeys throughout the summer exclusively with the CF audience.

So without a further ado, meet the faces behind this summer’s “Intern Diaries” series!

Maddy Haller

  • College: Florida State University
  • Major: Retail, Merchandising and Product Development
  • Grade: Junior, Class of 2018
  • Company: College Fashionista HQ
  • Position: Social Media Intern
  • Location: New York City
  • What are you most excited about? “I am most excited to learn from the CF team that I’ve looked up to ever since I became a Style Guru. Additionally, I’m excited to work on Social Media from a company standpoint instead of my own personal brand and to continuously strive to translate the CF brand well within their audience. Most of all, I’m excited to represent a company I believe in!”

(photo via @maddyhaller)

Kalynn Smith

  • College: Ohio State University
  • Major: Business Marketing
  • Grade: Junior, Class of 2018
  • Company: L Brands for Victoria’s Secret
  • Position: Digital Marketing Intern
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio (HQ Office)
  • What are you most excited about? “I am most excited about learning the behind the scenes of digital marketing! As someone who is passionate about social media and the fashion industry, I am eager to learn the techniques and principles of a leading company and how they market digitally. I also am excited to meet the other interns and make new friends along the way!”


(photo via @kalynnelizabeth_)

Val Veak

  • College: Ohio State University
  • Major: Marketing & International Business
  • Grade: Sophomore, Class of 2019
  • Company: Nike
  • Position: Digital Marketing Team Intern
  • Location: Fort Worth, TX
  • What are you most excited about? “Gaining new experiences with a great company and becoming more independent since I’ll be living alone for the first time this summer!”


(photo via @valveak)

Brisa Gomez

  • College: Florida International University
  • Major: Advertising
  • Grade: Senior, Class of 2017
  • Company: DoSomething.Org
  • Position: PR Intern
  • Location: New York City
  • What are you most excited about? “I’m most excited to meet new people, explore a new city, and learn from creatives!”


(photo via @brisaamarr)

Hannah Bullion

  • College: Michigan State University
  • Major: Professional Writing
  • Grade: Junior, Class of 2018
  • Company: Refinery29
  • Position: Social Strategy and Innovation Intern
  • Location: New York City
  • What are you most excited about? “I’m most excited to work with and learn from a leading digital media team and expand my knowledge of social media. I’ve always been a fan of R29 and now I’m really excited to see what goes on behind the scenes!”


(photo via @hannahbullion)

Sahana Holla

  • College: Fordham University
  • Major: Finance & Applied Accounting
  • Grade: Junior, Class of 2018
  • Position: Technology & Research Analyst
  • Location: New York City
  • What are you most excited about? “I am most excited to learn more about my field of interest to gain more experience in the real world and advance (hopefully) in the workplace. Most importantly, I am eager to meet people with the same interests as me and foster strong relationships with my peers!”


(photo via @holla4sahana)

Valerie Cammack

  • College: Kent State University
  • Major: Fashion Merchandising
  • Grade: Junior, Class of 2018
  • Company: Nisolo
  • Position: Marketing Intern
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • What are you most excited about? “I am thrilled to be working for an ethical company that places importance on making consumers aware of where their purchases are coming from and who makes them. I think this is so important in today’s world of fast fashion; I’m so excited to learn more about sustainable fashion.”

(photo via @valeriecammack)

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