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This Ridiculously Easy Morning Routine Isn't Just #Goals

May 4th, 2017 at 2:00am

Finals week: the time of the year when your to-do list seems never ending, you’ve reached your PR in procrastination, and consider dropping out on a daily basis. College stress is no joke, especially when last minute, end of the semester responsibilities haunt every waking moment of your existence.

Whether you’re dealing with a classic middle-of-the-week breakdown, feeling uneasy as you approach a day closer to ‘adulting,’ or simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed, here’s a list of seven ways to start your morning like a carefree boss.

(Photo via @sarahgargano29)

1—Rise and shine. There are a lot of benefits to waking up before the sun that can both, directly and indirectly, affect anxiety levels. In fact, studies correlate waking up early with success—after coffee, of course. So think twice about hitting the snooze, even though the temptation will be at an all time high, you’ll thank me later. (Photo via @velvetnvinyl)

2—Eat breakfast. It’s time to adopt the happiness diet, which starts with your morning meal. Pro tip: Eggs provide vitamin B and protein; greens provide vitamins A, K and potassium; and pumpkin seeds are a source of magnesium, which are all said to alleviate stress. Whip ’em all up together and you’re set. Also good to include in your morning meal? Omega-3s, which can be found in chia and flaxseeds: aka acai bowls on repeat. (Photo via @kierraxmakayla)

3—Exercise. Working out has been proven to positively influence your brain by neutralizing stress and improving your mood throughout the day. Whether you start your morning with hot yoga or Insanity, getting active is super important to maintain a positive mind, body, and soul. (Photo via @brianaaugustina)

4—Journal. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and reduce some stress by clearing out some of the questions or fears plaguing your mind. In fact, try writing down the things causing you anxiety, and then throw away the piece of paper—acting as a hypothetical way of kissing them goodbye. (Photo via @sarahgargano29)

5—Make lists. Sometimes, to-do lists can foster anxiety by making us feel overwhelmed, which is why it’s important to make sure yours is achievable, prioritized, and aesthetically organized. Heading into your day with a blueprint can help alleviate anxiety over the unexpected or fear of poor performance. Plus, crossing things off your list becomes a treat in itself. (Photo via @withlovethelms)

6—Meditate. Mindful meditation is one sure-fire way to alleviate anxiety, training the brain to focus on the present as opposed to the past and future. Allowing you to: let go of fear; let go of guilt; let go of anger; let go of regret; let go of worries; let go of judgements, and instead, soul search to find a peace within yourself. (Photo via Pinterest)

7— Breathe. No matter the time crunch, always give yourself time to smell the flowers. Carve out some “me time,” take a break, and adopt breathing exercises as a way to release excess stress and negativity from your body. (Photo via @elizabethmorales)

How do you destress during finals and beyond? Share your zen-worthy tips in the comments below!