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These 3 Fashion Bloggers Have Something In Common With You

May 4th, 2017 at 2:00am

Scroll down your Instagram feeds and you’re bound to come across fashion bloggers and influencers. And while their designer clad looks and jetsetting lifestyles are inspirational, they’re hardly relatable to the everyday college student.

So, when I come across fashion bloggers I can find myself relating to, I feel like I can almost connect to them at a more personal level, even if I’ve never met them in real life.

(Photo via @cfashionista)

They all have genuine content, their style is (attainable) goals, and, even better, they’re college students just like us! They too have to worry about writing papers, getting to class on time, and figuring out this whole “adulthood” thing we are constantly going through.

“As far as juggling everything, it really is a balancing act! On days I have class, I try to make those “school days” where I will focus more on class and homework. Then on my off days, I will focus on my blog and get photos and posts done! I find that it’s best to spend one day shooting a bunch of content so that you have more time on other days for homework and other projects. It’s a lot of going with the flow and adapting to what the week has to bring,” Tonya Smith, college student/blogger of “The Moptop” told me.

Whether it’s chilling at home, hanging out with friends, or just another day of photo taking, these bloggers are the perfect example that you can go to school, do something you love, and still be relatable.

Here are three college bloggers you need to know.

1. Tonya Smith, the fashion blogger behind The Moptop has a classic, tomboy, and easy going style. Her photos are always warm and refreshing. Her looks are some of my favorites because you can genuinely tell it’s what she loves to wear and a part of who she is.


(All photos via @themoptop)

2. Reese Blutstein, from double3xposure has total cool girl vibes. Her style is the epitome of cool. The great thing about her looks is that she always finds a way to combine her thrifted finds with independent clothing brands! It’s always cool to see how she pairs certain items together, and I love that her Instagram feed is always curated on a on-the-go angle. I wish I could steal her closet right now! (All photos via @double3xposure)

3. Hannah Morgan, and her self-titled blog is quirky, fun, and playful. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and her style always includes some pop of color. Her blog and style will definitely bring a smile to your face! We can definitely take some pointers from her on how to have fun with what you wear. (All photos via @hannahmorgan)

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Let us know in the comments below!