CLASS OF 2015: Shaylin

This past semester came and went, as did zipping up my gown and tossing my cap for the last time ever. Even though they were filled with ups and downs, I would not have changed the past four years of my life for anything. I learned more about myself—through friendships, studying abroad, living on my own—than I could have without these experiences. Switching from a Marketing degree to pursue my passion for the English language after my freshman year was one of the most important decisions I made, and I don’t think I even knew it at the time. My Business classes left me daydreaming so I knew I needed an out and I found that in writing. After the switch, I began privately fashion and lifestyle blogging, which turned into not-so-privately fashion and lifestyle blogging, which turned into this burning passion to make blogging and copywriting my career. Thanks to CollegeFashionista, I made this happen.

A friend I met four years ago in one of my old Business classes (shoutout to Lauren Snyder!) became involved with CollegeFashionista early on, sparking my obsession with the site. It wasn’t long before I was contacting her about scoring an internship, as well. Three beautiful semesters interning as a Style Guru (one of which was abroad in Rome!) has polished my writing to a level that I hadn’t dreamed possible. Two semesters in, CollegeFashionista opened up my eyes to a whole new career path, as well. After applying and receiving a congrats, I spent this last and final semester as an editor for the site. Not only did I get awesome editorial experience from this, I made editing a part of my life dream, too.

CollegeFashionista is the leading role that lead me to the place I’m in right now. It taught me responsibility, integrity, communication and many other imperative skills for the future. Not only that, but it provided me with writing samples and experience that totally decks out my resume and cover letters so that I majorly stand out against those other pesky applicants. Currently, I am being represented by an Advertising Agency in Philadelphia, called Creative Circle. Through them, I am picking up amazing jobs here and there as a freelance copywriter and editor in hopes that I can find the perfect company for me. Until then, I am still using all of the valuable skills I’ve learned and augmented through my time in the internships while still dreaming of the day I waltz my way into the fashion industry and take it over, just like CollegeFashionista. Thanks for the constant support, ladies! I am one proud Style Guru.