CLASS OF 2015: Maeve

My time at the University of Missouri went by faster than I had ever imaged it would. Four years of high school seemed like an eternity; but these passed four years seemed like four short weeks. When I came to college I was on the path of becoming a special education teacher but soon figured out I needed to follow my dreams. I knew I loved working with kids and that becoming a teacher would be a much more stable option than following my dreams of becoming a photographer. It was summer going into my sophomore year that I broke the news to my parents and they were surprisingly supportive of my dreams, even if they were just to become a starving artist.

During the end of my junior year I became familiar with CollegeFashionista and immediately knew that it was a company I wanted to be a part of. An older girl from my hometown was, at the time, a Style Guru and told me about the summer internship position I could apply for. It was just a few short weeks later that I was accepted into the program and began writing for CollegeFashionista. Gaining this experience really opened my eyes up to all of the different positions within the fashion industry. I began more and more interested in what was going on in the fashion world and knew after college that I wanted to take part within it.

Now that graduation is here, I am pleased to announce that I will be working with one of the best in the business: Nordstrom. Come June, I will be learning how Nordstrom functions as a company and will be working with in-store displays. This will be the first step I take to following my dreams of becoming a visual designer for department stores across the nation. I would love to use my art background to create elaborate displays both within the store and in their street windows. I never would’ve thought that there would be a way to use my creative mind and love for fashion had I not worked with CollegeFashionista.