CLASS OF 2015: Kiara

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

This quote means so much because I don’t know if there’s any other quote that can accurately sum up how I feel about graduation. Yes, I am ready to continue graduate school and begin my search for a career, a place to live, etc. Graduation is just the beginning of so much more. That doesn’t mean I’m not anxious or sad. It’s hard to feel comfortable in a place for three years and realize you won’t be returning; but it’s all part of the process.

My experience at St. Bonaventure was unlike any other experience. I didn’t think I would be able to accomplish everything on my list; which included: studying abroad, graduating a year early, completing my minor in Spanish, staying involved, volunteering and beginning my Master’s program as a senior. But I did! I’m thankful I attended a university that allowed me to accomplish so much in three years time.

I’m also thankful for the people who helped me along the way. My loved ones would argue that I have a lot of dreams and goals, which is correct. But they all know that if I set my mind to something, I won’t back down. I have to thank my parents, my boyfriend, Josh, and close friends for believing in me and dealing with my ambition.

In college, I truly found what I was passionate about: fashion. I knew it was the industry I wanted to be in and would pursue a career in. I began my blog, Blissfully Brunette, during my sophomore year of college. Since then, I’ve been opened to a world of opportunities online including CollegeFashionista, HerCampus and more. I will make my mark in the fashion world whether it’s with my writing or in public relations and marketing. I’m not too sure where my love for fashion will take me, but I’m not afraid of the unknown because life is about adventure.

As for the rest of the Fashionistas/os still in college, dress up on a Monday while everyone is wearing sweatpants and hoodies, learn about the newest trends and develop your personal style. You won’t regret it.

Finally, thank you to CollegeFashionista for three wonderful semesters. I learned so much about fashion writing, social media and the industry altogether from this internship. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.