CLASS OF 2015: Christina

May 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

It seems like most college seniors usually say that they are ecstatic to be done with school, but graduation is a little nostalgic for me. I had a fantastic four years at Temple University, and it’s sad to see it coming to a close and watching my friends move away. Some of my most unforgettable moments and opportunities include: studying abroad in Rome and traveling throughout Europe, meeting and living with my best friends, turning my internship into a permanent position, watching my sorority sisters grow as stronger women and seeing my first CollegeFashionista post go live on the homepage!

I remember applying for CollegeFashionista on a whim, wholeheartedly thinking that I wouldn’t hear back. Low and behold—I got it! I, an International Business major, would be covering street style in the most fashionable country in the entire world, Italia (yes, I am biased). Little did I know that my soon-to-be soulmate and BFF was writing for CollegeFashionista in Rome too!  We connected instantly and she is still my go-to gal to this day. This was the first occurrence where CollegeFashionista introduced me to a best friend.

The second occurrence happened this year. I currently live with two CollegeFashionista Style Gurus (past and present). Those two ladies have made my senior year unforgettable, and I’m so happy that a website centered around things we all love (fashion, social media, college life…HELLO) could bring us all together.

As you can see, I have many, many things to thank CollegeFashionista for: giving me a much dreamed about glimpse into the fashion industry, seriously fabulous role models—Amy, Sammy and Melissa, you all are AMAZING, the opportunity to be featured on Teen Vogue’s and Seventeen’s websites, and some of my lifelong best friends! I may be working within the International Business industry in Philly, but I will always have fashion in my heart. CollegeFashionista, thanks for letting me live out my dream of being a true Fashionista—its been #RAD!