CLASS OF 2015: Amanda

As my final semester at the University of Wisconsin-Madison comes to a close, I cannot help but jump up and down for what has culminated in my college years. Summing up my experience, there has been a lot of learning, failing and discovery throughout my four years. From deciding whether or not to drop a major to picking out graduate schools, the amount of experience that has been embedded into my education is enough to fill pages. My collegiate experience proves its fruitfulness daily from the many courses, skills and mentors I have had the opportunity to work under.

Involved with my many experiences throughout my four years in Madison, interning with CollegeFashionista was a valuable addition in my repertoire. Due to my shy personality, my biggest fear was approaching strangers on the street for photographs. Luckily, this fear was quickly banished, and I became a little less introverted. Additionally, my attention to details in personal style has been elevated, and this skill will aid me in my career that I plan to take on next: costume design.

This coming fall, I will be returning to the Chicagoland area to attend Northwestern University for a graduate degree with an emphasis in costume design. My dreams are to one day become a freelance designer in film, theatre and television. Without the collegiate experiences and knowledgeable people I have come into contact with, I would not be able to make this next step in my education. All my positive experiences have led me to becoming closer to the artist and designer I imagine myself to be one day.