Career Hack—How to Land an Internship After Your Freshman Year

During the first year of college, every freshman feels the pressure of landing an internship. Especially since your first internship can lead to a greater chance of an internship the next summer, or even a permanent job after your junior year internship. Many say getting an internship after freshman year is impossible, but it’s not. While I don’t disagree that it is difficult, three easy steps can be conquered to reach success.

The second semester, I searched online hundreds of times, looking for any posting that allowed for an application from a student that has only completed one year of college. I was not successful in my online hunt, but I was successful in landing an internship. Like myself, most freshman will not find their internship in online postings. So, here are tips to follow for any freshman looking for a summer internship.


Your networking skills are the most crucial skills that you will have throughout your professional career. For example, I may be less qualified for a position or have zero percent chance of landing this job, but because I have a connection at that office or business, I have a better chance of being offered a position over someone else. Your network is a representation of yourself in a way. The character of your relationships will help distinguish you in the business world. So, utilize your connections in your network to land that internship after your freshman year.

Utilize Your Connections During Freshman Year

The second and most crucial tip is to utilize your connections. Once you have formed these relationships, transform your friendly relationship into an internship offer. This is how I secured my internship. My neighbor, and a close family friend, owns a travel agency, so I wrote up an email outlining all that I could offer and how we both could benefit from an internship opportunity. She agreed and offered me a paid marketing and social media internship position. If I had not used my resources, I may not be working an internship this summer.

Consider Every Opportunity

An internship after freshman year is rare to begin with. So, if any opportunity becomes available to you, at least consider it. Paid, unpaid, part-time, or full-time—consider it. Even if the internship seems insignificant, look into it. Any experience is an experience that you can include on your resume.

Don’t stress if you are still working your same summer job from high school, the majority of freshman won’t get internships. In fact, live it up before you have to start working in an office setting. I hope these techniques are as successful for you like they were for me!

If you got an internship after freshman year of college, let me know your tips in the comments!