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Can We Finally Stop Using the Term "Unconventional Beauty?"

February 27th, 2017 at 2:00am

From body positive models to women of all ages walking in fashion week, the surge of female empowerment is more vibrant than ever. Society is embracing the girls with red hair, applauding the exposed belly roll, inviting us to not hide our freckles, and reveling in gap-toothed and crooked smiles. Even with fashion trends, women are wearing the pants (literally and figuratively), opting for flowy culottes or distressed baggy jeans over tight mini skirts.

With all these positive societal shifts, one phrase seems to be popping up left and right: “unconventional beauty.” And while, yes, I love that people are casting aside the modern archetypes of what makes a woman beautiful, the term itself is somewhat of a paradox.

By adding the qualifier “unconventional,” it seems like we are suggesting the person or trend is somehow actually not beautiful at all. We are still apologizing or degrading the individual or, worse, ourselves for being less than what society feels is beautiful. Why do we need to qualify anything, especially ourselves?

So wear what you want; be who you are; have long hair, pixie cut, or shave it all off. Let’s strip away the adjectives and celebrate beauty in all forms. Because beautiful is beautiful. Period.

Here are some of the beautiful trends we are digging lately!

Quirky Eyeliner

This Fashionista didn’t stop with a fierce wing, she added two small hearts at the corner of her eyes. This is a subtle but edgy touch to a classic makeup look. Try this look out yourself with small hearts, stars or diamonds.

 (Photo via @katiekeogh)

Super Short Bangs

This look can be intimidating to try, but if you’re willing to go for it the result is so worth it. You’ll be channeling some major ’20s vibes.

(Photo via @geminitauberge)

A Short Bob

This look can also be a tad daunting but I say go for it! Short cuts are edge, easy to maintain, and allow you to stand out in the crowd. You can even try pairing your short look with feathery bangs like this Fashionista did.

 (Photo via @brisaamarr)

Dresses Over Jeans

You heard it from us first people. Dresses over pants may sounds strange but it clearly pays off. Don’t be afraid to make pairing that might be a little unusual; fashion is all about pushing boundaries and trying new things, so do it!

 (Photo via @lovelyykelly)

Bull Nose Rings

Nose piercings are an easy way to immediately change up your look. Try a different variation on a nose piercing like the bull nose piercing. I’ll see you at the piercing shop.

 (Photo via @phenix_xox)

Fishnets Under Denim

Newsflash: fishnets are no longer for Halloween only. Throw on a pair underneath your favorite distressed jeans and you’ve immediately created a fashion forward look that will have people running to pick up a pair.

 (Photo via @thatchiclex)

Bold Lipstick

Who doesn’t love a bold lipstick color? There are so many colors out there that aren’t just for your favorite YouTube beauty gurus. Do you love that forest green liquid lipstick? How about that midnight blue shade you saw in Sephora last week? Don’t be afraid to try them out! You can always wipe it off, but chances are you won’t want to.

 (Photo via @abbsjoyce)

Socks and Sandals

Wearing socks with sandals used to be a funny joke, but now it is a serious fashion trend. Sure, people might chuckle when you tell them you’re planning on making this pairing, but once they see the finished look they’ll be racing to try it too.

(Photo via @lovelyykelly)

What makes you feel your most beautiful? Let us know in the comments below!