6 Tips on How to Build a Timeless Wardrobe

6 Tips on How to Build a Timeless Wardrobe

Do you really want to look back at photos of yourself one day and think… what was I wearing? 

Constantly scrolling through my Instagram feed for inspiration, it is hard not to feel like I am always falling behind in my shopping. As influencers seem to be sporting a new trend each day, we all often fold under the pressure of dressing for the season. But, if Hannah Montana’s sequin vests or Selena Gomez’s plaid Bermuda shorts taught us anything––fads do not age well. 

Achieving a timeless style comes with finding elevated pieces that will make you feel confident today, tomorrow, and twenty years from now. To feel put together, be ready for anything, and look stunning at all times, think about adopting a classic wardrobe that could last you a lifetime. 

Keep reading for six tips that might just be the key to mastering this power.

01. You don’t have to follow every trend.

Filtering through the noise of social media can be difficult in a saturated industry that more and more people seem to have their hand in. Our carts are filled with the gold chain necklaces Hailey Bieber layers on, claw clips Bella Hadid slicks her hair into on vacation, and whatever heels Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram today. However, wearing trending pieces does not make you “fashionable.”

You will never be satisfied with your wardrobe if you are constantly renewing your closet as crazes fade and new microtrends arise. It will most likely drain your bank account and tempt you to buy cheaper pieces that you will only wear once before contributing to the landfill the industry is leaving behind.

That being said, if you can’t stop thinking about a new style, buy it! Just remember to be mindful of your purchases and choose carefully. 

02. Stop wearing what you think you’re supposed to wear. 

Embrace your individuality. Just because everyone your age is wearing cowboy boots and cropped cardigans does not mean you should too. Find attire that reflects your personal style. 

If you don’t want to wear leggings, a sweatshirt, and white Air Force 1’s to class like most college students do, why would you? To dress classic, you can’t be afraid to look sophisticated. Be overdressed for any occasion in a way that appears elegant and natural. 

03. Stick to the classics.

Every fashion inspiration through history has had staple pieces that are necessary to their admired mature appearance. Build a wardrobe of basics that you can use to put together a look for any occasion. 

A pair of vegan leather loafers, a well-fitting pair of trousers, a long tan overcoat, and some black booties made for walking are critical to achieving agelessness. Simple articles such as these can surprisingly elevate any item in your closet. Find good quality pieces that you will take care of and potentially keep forever.

PHOTO: @faith.gbd

04. Put together outfits that are sleek and minimal. 

While the current Y2K maximalist style is appealing to many, minimalism is the secret to style longevity. The key to looking put together at all times is to look like you didn’t spend much time doing so. To look effortless, you can’t layer on all the extras you find on your feed. Instead, invest in accessories that you truly love and that you know will go with anything.

Instead of throwing on all the summer-camp beaded jewelry trending last summer, find the perfect gold necklace that is meaningful to you and can be paired with any outfit. Switch out that tie dye bucket hat, floral headscarf, or bulky headband for a neutral baseball cap with your favorite team’s logo embroidered on the front.  

Go to Pinterest to find specific investments you know you will always cherish. Build a capsule wardrobe that is true to you and be prepared to always have something to wear.

05. Discover your personal style and stick to it.

A successful trip to the mall does not consist of buying every item you like. You can appreciate a cute sweater, but acknowledge that it does not reflect your personal style. 

Find what you love and what works for you. Figure out what matches your personality and displays who you want to be. What you wear has the power to tell people who you are without having to introduce yourself. 

Take the time to determine what flatters your body and exaggerates your favorite features. What makes you feel comfortable and confident? This will allow you to easily sift through the store and create a uniform you can stick to and you know will work for you.

06. Find your signature piece.

Arguably the biggest fashion expert of them all, Anna Wintour, has sported her iconic black framed sunglasses for as long as we’ve known her. Identify something you truly love that you know will never go out of style. If a bold red scarf makes you feel powerful, wear it today and keep it forever. Stick to what you know –– you might just become the next industry icon.  

Before you let TikTok convince you to buy something you don’t need once again, think to yourself…is this timeless? Find your inner classy stylist and rock confidence throughout your years of strutting in fashion.

Featured photo by @lillysoble