Bubbly Spaces for a Balanced Mind at Your Internship

July 25th, 2017 at 2:00am
Bubbly Spaces for a Balanced Mind at Your Internship

Being at university, or working for the first time, can be the best and worst experience of your life. Anxiety is a major contributor to the worst side of things, so anything that can be done to increase positive energy in a stress-inducing environment is very important. Here are a few simple ways I’ve learned to up my work spaces in order to up my mellowness.

1—Potted plants. Real or artificial, a good potted plant adds a natural, thriving vibe to any space.

2—Baskets. Woven storage baskets are a great example of a necessity that adds ambiance, and the brown tones add a year-round warmth and liveliness.

3—Paintings and framed photos. These are a perfect way to introduce soothing sights—from nature to architecture, or abstract pieces to familiar faces.

4—Warm light. Fluorescent lights belong in a hospital or office cubicles. Warm light is softer on the eyes and better emulates the serenity of sunlight.

5—Simple, earthy materials. I’m not just encouraging minimalism here; stone, brick and glass ornaments can add dimension to an otherwise lackluster environment.

6—Comforting textures. Grab a grainy cushion or drape a soft throw blanket over your chair. Stroking comforting materials while breathing deeply is a quick way to calm an uneasy mind.

Nature and creative beauty are often rare sights for those of us who find ourselves in a man-made box of screens, machines, and routines. Work is work and it’s understandable that these environments are kept distraction-free, so why not make changes where you can? If you can’t afford to do things outside of work that you love, create a mood at your work station at home that fills you with the same delight and tranquility.

Students who especially spend long hours doing logical, analytical courses may find that they have less time to be as adventurous and creative as they would like to be. While it would be awesome to go and do whatever activities your heart desires, a balanced lifestyle is much easier imagined than achieved. This is an all-too-simple solution: incorporate things that excite you into spaces that are typically a bore.

What other ways would you use to create a bubbly work space? Let me know in the comments below!