Bringing Back The Denim Skirt

Denim skirts used to be all the hype when I was a fifth grader. I remember wearing my denim skirt with a shirt from the Mary-Kate and Ashley’s line that they used to sell and a pair of flats that probably didn’t even match. Fast forward to sixth grade through the end of high school, you wouldn’t catch me in a denim skirt to save my life! Of course though, like everything else, denim has made its way back and it’s bigger than ever. I now want all the denim skirts, light shades, dark shades, and all the in between shades.

Bringing It Back: The Denim Skirt

I snagged this denim skirt on sale and I fell absolutely in love. It has the perfect snug fit on my hips but also is extremely flattering toward the bottom of the skirt. For being a denim skirt, it is also very comfortable. Also, talking about bringing things back, I paired my the skirt with one of my favorite white off-the-shoulder tops. Off-the-shoulder tops are also my favorite and it instantly elevates any outfit. If you are wearing just plain jeans and add an off-the-shoulder top, your outfit will look instantly more put together.

Now onto my slides. Like everything else in this outfit, I’m obsessed with them. Slides are the easiest thing to put on and they look extremely chic with any outfit. I have probably bought about five pairs of slides this summer in so many different colors. If you are looking for a practical, comfortable, and chic shoe, grab a pair of slides!

What are some of your favorite items to wear this summer? Are you loving denim skirts, too? Let us know in the comments below!