3 Summer Reads by Young People, for Young People

While the stresses of college life may be coming to a pause for most of us—thank you, summer—the stresses of “real” life never truly go away. Most of the time, it might feel like you are all alone but there are plenty of others out there who are feeling similar things, including those in the spotlight.

With summer vacation comes summer reads and endless hours under the sun. Here are a few books to add to your list, to help you reflect and, hopefully, find that there may be someone who understands. (Photo via @sarahgargano29)

Actress, singer, influencer, and all-around millennial queen, Keke Palmer’s book, I Don’t Belong to You is an inspiring guide for Gen Z, featuring some of Palmer’s favorite inspirational quotes, journal entries, and memes. In her memoir, she discusses the struggles that she had to go through growing up in Hollywood, as well as issues that many young people deal with, including love, identity, self-worth, and heartbreak. (Photo via @keke)

In her new essay collection, Unfiltered, actress Lily Collins discusses topics such as her struggles with body image, self-confidence, relationships, family, and more. With her debut book, Collins has said she wants young people to know that they are not alone in their struggles, and she hopes to inspire them to be themselves and share their own stories. Poignantly written, Unfiltered is a powerful and inspiring book that will surely enlighten any young person who reads it. (Photo via @lilyjcollins)

Note to Self, the latest release from YouTuber and influencer Connor Franta contains a collection of prose, poetry, and photography that Franta refers to as, “a reflection of my interior life right now, and all the things that concern me.” Unlike the other books on this list, Note to Self is not necessarily all autobiographical; however, Franta’s previous release, Work in Progress, is an excellent bit of insight into what the social media stars calls his “external life.” (Photo via @connorfranta)

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