Blogger or Narcissist?

Blogger or Narcissist?

Yes, bloggers are narcissists and we all know it. I started as a fashion blogger almost a year ago and I hadn’t realized until now how high my self-esteem has grown.

I’m completely serious when I say, that in order to be a great blogger or to put yourself out in the public eye, you’ve got to have a part of your personality that believes that you are better than the others.

Nowadays, with just a phone or a camera and access to the internet, you can immediately become a blogger. We have fashion bloggers, foodies, home decor, mommy, sports, and so on. And it is a challenge.

It all began with Facebook posts about our day and albums with family pictures. Now the trend of uploading everything we have and do is even bigger. We photograph, record, upload, download, tweet our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We blog our every thought, leave comments, review whatever bits of the culture we are into, post selfies… and let me tell you, we are narcissistic.

The thing that hit me about this reality is that my fashion blog is contributing to the problem of narcissism rather than helping to eradicate it.

But what’s more important, to be happy or to make everyone else happy? Being a blogger makes me happy and I am so narcissistic I think I’m going to be famous one day, I could be Joan Rivers 2.0 and dress my team in pink camo.

We (fashion bloggers) post dozens of pictures in outfits we’ve created; we’ve made an entire website based on the fact that we think we have good style. Sounds a little narcissistic, right?

While most style bloggers would deny any self-obsessed motives, I think that narcissism might play a bigger part in it than we’d like to admit. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As a university student in a sea of basic T-shirts, jeans, Converse, and gym clothes, I find that I post photos of myself in outfits because instead of getting asked, why are you, like, so dressed up? as I do so often almost everywhere I go, I really get a positive response from people who like clothes as much as I do.

Maybe it’s confidence, maybe it’s a little bit of narcissism, but either way, I’ve found that it has helped me feel better about my passion for clothes.

So if a little narcissism caused all of that, well, I’m guilty as charged.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.