10 Black TikTok Creators That Are Changing The Game

There’s something so radically beautiful and satisfying about seeing Black women on social media doing whatever they want, whenever they want. Whether in college or navigating the professional world, Black women deserve the most appropriate representation. Oftentimes, as consumers, we get sucked into the vortex of mainstream beauty and lifestyle standards that aren’t always attainable to every demographic. It can leave some feeling left out, and that’s never fair when there’s room for all of us to shine. 

Whether you’re looking for travel vlogs to plan your next trip or in need of a reliable hairstylist that won’t ghost you (it’s happened to the best of us), these creators deliver reviews and insight like no other. These 10 TikTok creators are undoubtedly worth the watch! 

McKenzie Taylor


it's always never enough time to tell y'all abt my day fr fr on these lol

♬ B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) – Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal

Howard University’s darling girl is McKenzie Taylor. She’s an Atlanta native who shares, along with her followers, a love for Skims and Longchamp tote bags of every color and size. This HBCU girly gives us a taste of campus life and doesn’t shy away from bathroom GRWM videos that always include a dance break to her favorite playlists! 

Cedoni Francis


I always say im gonna relax on saturdays then I end up traversing all around the city like an explorer 😂 #nycvlog #brooklynvlog #diml #ditl

♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

This 24-year-old content creator was just a tech girly working at Google, now she’s the “luxurious big sis you never had!” If you’re looking for a well-dressed woman who gets to the bag and isn’t scared to spend it, Cedoni is your girl. Her advice for college students transitioning into the workforce is second to none, and she always looks incredible doing it!

Asma Shakar


This was my first time creating an outfit out of stockings and I loved how it turned out!Just call me the diy wardrobe stylist from now on😂, but how do ya'll feel about this look? . Disclaimer: everyone in this video is 21+ and fully clothed! . #fashiontiktok #fashionstylist #diyfashion #fashioninspo #diyoutfittutorial

♬ Gangsta Boo – Ice Spice & Lil Tjay

The Jake of All Trades has entered the chat. The Philadelphia native has begun to make a name for herself as a fashion stylist, content creator, and entrepreneur. She’s a global traveler and foodie, whose reviews and vlogging quality are always top-notch. For those looking for a versatile Muslim girl on the go, she’s the perfect candidate!

Ty-Ke J



♬ original sound – It's Bookiee🤭💗

Who doesn’t love a college girl, I know I do?! Ty-Ke J has an emerging YouTube channel that includes hair tutorials, GRWM videos, and her infamous fun-loving vlogs which always include a car jam session to her favorite songs. Aside from YouTube, her TikTok is an influencer haven filled with tips for the best equipment and how to start a successful YouTube journey!

Legally Priscilla

This NYC big law girl calls her supporters “cousins,” and it’s a sure way to make us feel at home! She works hard and enjoys the fruits of her labor, and takes us along in her  “Day in the Life” vlogs. Oh, how we love #BlackGirlLuxury in the flesh! 

Kirah Ominique


What Are Y'all Thoughts On My Curtain Bangs !? 😭 Hair Is @n.aomico ❤️

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

From phlebotomist to Atlanta’s hottest influencer, Kirah Ominique has cemented her name in the Influencer Hall of Fame! She began her YouTube journey by working at hospitals by day and building a name for herself by night, building partnerships with well-known brands. Her aesthetic and vibe deserve an award for sure! 

Teaira Walker

The Queen of Looks, that’s what I call Teaira! Her most-watched YouTube tutorial (4.2 million views, and still counting) showcased her flawless foundation routine. Now she’s made the transition to TikTok bringing along her favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content that’s amazing in every way! 

Raven Elyse

She’s a mother and arts and crafts connoisseur, etc. No, seriously, she made life-sized lollipops for a life-size gingerbread house for her Christmas decor! What can’t she do?! She splits her creativity between her long-standing YouTube channel and her audience on TikTok. She’s been a heavy hitter for years and is always my first choice if I need inspiration. Move aside Martha Stewart, Raven’s got this! 

Arnell Armon


I loveeee how this one came out! I just love love love gloss 😭 @maccosmetics chestnut lip liner @caliray lost & sauced gloss @essence.cosmetics bright on! gloss #lips #lipgloss #liptutorial #caliray #maccosmetics #essencecosmetics

♬ Inhale – Bryson Tiller

There’s not a hair color, makeup look, or outfit that Arnell Armon can’t pull off. Emerging into new motherhood, Arnell’s glow slays in every video she produces. Her brown lip combos are revered, and one commenter stated, “I’m sorry, but no one does a lip combo like ARNELL ARMON.” We, at College Fashionista, couldn’t agree more! 

Lexi J. Poole


You know those deliciously spectacular drinks everyone flocks to Starbucks for during the fall season? If somehow someone could be personified in those drinks, it would be Lexi J. Poole. Every one of her videos, whether on Youtube or TikTok feels like a cozy moment. Calling all equally obsessed matcha drinkers, you need to follow Lexi ASAP!