Black and Bougie

Who doesn’t love the color black? Black goes with everything. When you need another color to go with your look, especially when it has bright colors, put a little black into your style. It’s a signature color you can wear with anything. As I was walking around the city, I found this chic Fashionista touring around. We can say that this Fashionista sure knew how to put this color in her latest outfit.

Dayna DiJoseph, a Syracuse University senior, shows her killer attitude by styling this outfit with a black lace tank top, denim ripped shorts, and black boots. The accessories tell it all with a simple snake choker, black beret, black sunglasses and Givenchy purse. This Fashionista is bad and bougie. You can see that she brings her ‘A-game’ showing her feminine dark side. Black goes with everything because black is forever like diamonds.

Let’s say you want to flex off the haters when you go back to school. You want to make them jealous because they did you wrong. Well, let me tell you this—use this color to throw shade and cat-walk it out. This summer, commit to getting the latest pieces to make your look different. You know what they always say, “everyone has to have a little bad side in them.” With this color, you can have it all, being bad and bougie.

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