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These 8 College Students Have One Thing in Common

April 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

Our Style Gurus are spread throughout hundreds colleges and universities across the country, so it comes as no surprise that CollegeFashionista has a large presence on many of these campuses.

We think everyone should should join the community that CollegeFashionista has created; there is no better way to get connected on campus than to join a group of ambitious students who share the same passions as you. We reached out to eight Style Gurus at four of our top campuses to hear about the impact CF has made at their schools. Check it out!

Columbia College of Chicago 


“Being on a campus in the heart of Chicago that encompasses such a creative environment, I’ve observed that most students here aren’t afraid to make bold statements with what they wear. I love CollegeFashionista because it gives these people an opportunity to really showcase their unique personalities through their clothes, which is what fashion is all about.”


“I think CollegeFashionista has impacted Columbia College Chicago by how it brings the fashion students together. Even students who are not Style Gurus get to be involved by being featured in articles or helping out with photoshoots.”

Florida State University


“Thanks to CollegeFashionista and the influence of the web, trends are disseminated at warp speed, and traversing regional borders. This has encouraged our students at FSU to have a more individualized approach to dress. Because it is a worldwide publication, CollegeFashionista provides inspiration from all over the world to college students near and far.”


“CollegeFashionista has played a very impactful role in my college experience, and within my university’s campus. I am most of all thankful for the way CF has been able to bring together young men and women with similar passions and interests. The unique friendships I have made so far with my time in CollegeFashionista are lasting, and have allowed a family to be created within such a large university.”

Fordham Univerisity


“I believe that CollegeFashionista has made a tremendous impact on Fordham’s campus, mainly through impacting the lives of its Style Gurus on campus. CF has found a way to bring together so many people through a passion for fashion, writing, social media, and more, even if their major isn’t remotely related to the fashion industry. We have our own quite large Fordham Guru Gang that is so inspiring and supportive, and we cannot thank CF enough for bringing us together.”


“Having been involved since freshman year, CollegeFashionista has really shaped the way I interact with students at Fordham. I have gotten to know so many different people that I know that I might not have without CF. Freshman year, I featured fellow Fordham Style Guru, Sahana Holla, and helped her start her own adventure as a Style Guru. Since the beginning, CF has been such a great outlet for meeting other stylish students and has really helped me to make my mark at Fordham.”

Kent State University 


“I started my involvement with CollegeFashionista the summer after my freshman year of college. I have seen tremendous impacts on my campus because of how heavily involved so many fashion students are at Kent with CollegeFashionista. CF has made a large school feel a little smaller by creating a strong community within The Fashion School. I have made countless friends and connections because of the Style Guru internship and my other involvements with CollegeFashionista. If you get a chance to join, you should!”


“CollegeFashionista has made a positive impact on my campus because it’s built a community of girls who value creativity, uniqueness and building each other up. It’s given me specifically a confidence to dress how I want to and appreciate how others express themselves through fashion.”

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