So You Bleached Your Hair...Now What?

May 30th, 2017 at 2:00am

Trends in skincare and makeup are pushing the au naturel look. While, sure, that can be attributed to the natural beauty movement, perhaps it’s actually a strategy to reserve all your energy for maintenance of the extreme hair color trends.

A scroll through Instagram will have you craving a fresh dye job. From silver strands to fantasy locks, getting bold hair color doesn’t stop when you leave your salon. Choosing to bleach your hair, turn your blonde locks brown, or even go crazy with blue dye requires upkeep to maintain that Insta-worthy look. Using the right products can be a game-changer when it comes to taking care of color treated hair. But one product does not fit all (dye jobs).

So in order to keep your summer mane stunning, check out how to treat your specific color below!

To Prevent Blonde Brassiness: As they say, blondes have more fun. But you want to keep your blonde color bright and ashy, not brassy. Bleaching your hair can be a long process. If you have dark hair, you can’t turn your locks silver in one visit to the salon. It is a long step-by-step process to achieve the color you are looking for. You’ll have to stick it out until you reach your desired shade. Once you’ve got your platinum hair or perfect highlights, you’ll want to keep them looking fresh. I recommend using purple shampoo (and even conditioner!) to maintain your color. The violet shade of the shampoo will continue to tone and nourish your hair.

To Prevent Color Fading: If you’ve dyed your hair, you’ve committed to the shade you picked out.  A good way to prevent dullness and fading is to limit the amount of heat styling, and to try not to wash your hair every day. Every time you use heat on your hair, the color’s shine is stripped away. Try to use other products like mousse or texturizing spray for a wave or curl, and if you must use heat, make sure it’s on a low setting.

Every time you wash your hair the color is leeched away from the strands. Try to use dry shampoo more often and use shampoos and conditioners that are meant to maintain color and shine, and are sulfate free. If you have a hair color like pink or blue, there are conditioners available now that have some of your color in it, so it continues to maintain your shade. Also, washing with cold water will maintain your color as heat opens up the cuticles and rises the color away. This goes the same with the heat of the sun. Try to skip tanning or wear hats to keep your color bright.

To Prevent and Heal Damage: Sometimes there is a price to pay for dyeing your hair, and it comes as fried ends and dry texture. Especially if you’ve bleached hair, it takes time to heal and repair the damage of the processing. Deep conditioning masks on the hair can fix some of the dryness, and, once again, avoiding heat tools gives it time to repair. Run argon oil through your wet hair to make it easier to comb and to heal split ends. Have some patience and diligence, and your will be back to it’s fabulous self.

Do you have any haircare tips? Let us know in the comments!