20 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas for You and Your Bestie

May 20th, 2022 at 11:27am

The day I turned 18 there was only one thing I wanted to do: hop in the car with my mom and get matching tattoos. I was leaving for college two days later and wanted the two of us to do something special together before I moved out. A quick convo with the tattoo artist and a few sharp, buzzing pains later, and the two of us had just received our own matching tats. The strenuous search for a matching tattoo to perfectly represent our relationship, however, took months. My mom and I jumped from google to Pinterest and back. The options were endless, but we just couldn’t agree on anything! Finally, we landed on a simple smiley face placed on our left wrists — you know, the kind you type with a colon and a single parenthetical. The fine-lined face is adorable on its own, but it also holds two deeper meanings for the both of us. For one, every time we catch a glimpse of it we think of one another and smile even though we are apart. And second, we are both writers, so inking punctuation marks onto our skin forever fits who we are perfectly.

My 18th birthday is definitely one I will always remember, but I know first-hand just how challenging it can be to find the perfect twinning tattoo for you and your bestie. So, to make your search a little easier, here’s a list of 20 matching best friend tattoo ideas to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

PHOTO: @pinkydustytattoo

01. Simple Lightning Bolts

Looking for something small and simple? These matching lightning bolts are perfect for a friendship that’s truly electric. 

PHOTO: @tatwood.42

02. Twin Flames

If you think you found your official twin flame, then these matching red flames were made for you two.

PHOTO: @tatwood.42

03. Foodie Friends

These adorable sushi tats are amazing for friends who love to eat and explore new and fun foods together.

PHOTO: @triggerhappytattoos

04. For a Trio

Group of three? No problem. These triple hearts work great for a bestie trio.

PHOTO: @dazy_art

05. Drinking Buddies

These cute wine glass hearts are the perfect tat for you and your go-to drinking partner.

PHOTO: @danielsosotattoos

06. Classic Butterflies

It might be common, but butterfly tattoos are popular for a reason! These gorgeous butterflies would look great matching with your free-spirited BFF.

PHOTO: @danielsosotattoos

07. Animal Lovers

If you’re obsessed with dogs, or any animals for that matter, show off your love with this paw trail tattoo.

PHOTO: @melodycrowtattoos

08. One for the Girl Squad

If anyone exudes girl power, it’s the Powerpuff Girls. Gather your girl squad and start choosing who’s Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles!

PHOTO: @bittenink

09. A Quote

Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote? This “no matter what, no matter where” tat is amazing for a friendship with sentimental value.

PHOTO: @tattoozgskare

10. For Kings and Queens

Real queens fix each other’s crowns, so you might as well wear them on your wrists as a reminder of your fellow royal.

PHOTO: @tattoobychang

11. Delicate and Dainty

If you’re looking for something delicate yet meaningful, this fine-lined heart and infinity sign combo is meant for a love that never ends.

PHOTO: @tattoobychang

12. For a Fire Friendship

These matches are a super cool way to always twin with your fire bestie.

PHOTO: @tattoobychang

13. A Tiny Wishbone

Make a wish! These matching wishbones are such a cute and meaningful way to represent your friendship.

PHOTO: @tattoobychang

14. Astrology Lovers

“Ugh, you are such a capricorn!” If you and your friends are constantly blaming your actions on your astrological sign, I think it’s time to get them inked on together.

PHOTO: @artlewis

15. First Friends

Have a friend that’s been to your first birthday party? This tat is just what you and your “day one” need.

PHOTO: @austin_translation_tattoo

16. A Color Moment

Bored of the plain black ink? Try out these fun and colorful matching juice boxes!

PHOTO: @honeybee_tattoo

17. Flower Power

If you and your bestie are obsessed with nature and all its beauty, go for a stunning flower tattoo for a friendship that never wilts. 

PHOTO: @honeybee_tattoo

18. A Manifesting Duo

You didn’t chase your BFF, you attracted them. So, ink on matching angel number tattoos and keep on manifesting good things together!

PHOTO: @honeybee_tattoo

19. A Forever Promise

These pinky promise tats are the perfect way to vow that your friendship will last a lifetime.

PHOTO: @honeybee_tattoo

20. Through Thick and Thin

Koi fish represent strength, because they swim against the current. If you and your bestie have survived rough waters together, then this tattoo is just for you.

When searching for a matching tattoo, it is important to remember that every friendship is different —even the one you have with your mom. But regardless, there is always a perfect tattoo for you and your best friend out there. Just keep on searching!

Featured photo contains images from @honeybee_tattoo and @tattoobychang. Design by Her Campus Media.