15 Best Friend Halloween Costumes Inspired By Your Favorite Pop Culture Moments

Forget black cats—it’s time to put some real thought and creativity into this year’s best friend Halloween costumes! Why choose something animal-inspired (like you have in years past) when you could go for something clever and pop culture-inspired instead? This list is all about channeling your favorite set of on-screen besties, iconic celebrity couples, and well-known star duos—each one is guaranteed to make a fashion statement. Assembling the looks on this list might require a bit of time and effort, especially in comparison to throwing on an all-black outfit and a pair of cat ears. No worries though, Halloween is the perfect excuse to be totally and completely extra.

The Simple Life: Paris and Nicole Circa 2005

Throw it back to a time when Juicy Couture track suits and itty-bitty denim was all the rage. Simply (no pun intended) choose your favorite Paris and Nicole meme and copy it. Major bonus points for a Chihuahua stuffed animal.

Get this look: BDG Re-Made Denim Mini Skirt ($59), Velour Zuma Pant ($88)


Yeezy Season 6 Instagram Takeover

Remember when Kanye broke the Internet with his January Instagram campaign? Yeah, it was kind of iconic.

Get this look: Cotton-Blend Biker Shorts ($4), Hooded Jacket ($15)


Marla Singer and Tyler Durden

As per the first rule of Fight Club, this Halloween costume needs no explanation. Hint: if you’re confused, choose a different option on this list.

Get this look: Faux Fur Jacket ($30), Oversized Hawaiian Shirt ($40), Glendon Moto Jacket ($79)


Carrie and Mr. Big

This best friend costume is one that fashion-lovers everywhere will recognize immediately. But, just to be safe, opt for the most infamous of all Sex and the City looks: Carrie’s tutu skirt. As for Mr. Big, you’ll need the nicest suit you can get your hands on.

Get this look: Tulle Skirt ($80), V-Neck Tank Bodysuit in Jersey ($12)


Hype Beasts

If there was ever a time for fake Supreme, it’s now. Channel your inner street style cool kid by piling on as many logos and name brand items as possible. Ugly sneakers are also encouraged for this Halloween costume.

Get this look: Supreme T-Shirt ($20), Halo Pant ($108), Jersey Knit Basic Beanie ($12)


2018 Royal Wedding

Wearing a wedding dress or a tux all night long would be pretty grueling. Instead, purchase a statement hat—or make one yourself—for an outfit inspired by the guests of this real-life fairytale.

Get this look: Navy Blue Fascinator ($30), Nikita Dress ($248)


The Handmaid's Tale

This Hulu series took the pop culture world by storm, earning a staggering 20 nominations at the 2018 Emmy Awards. If you and your best friend tuned in to this popular drama, try copying the look for Halloween.

Get this look: Handmaid’s Tale Costume ($60)


Alice and the Queen Of Hearts

A pair for the ages, Alice and the Queen of Hearts will always be relevant pop culture characters. And, therefore, great options for best friend Halloween costumes.

Get this look: Cowl Jacquard Midi Dress ($100), Femme Fatale Blazer ($71), Rib Maxi Dress ($35)


Cher and Dionne

I’ll admit, the Clueless characters are always a popular choice. However, this best friend Halloween costume is rarely well-executed—I mean, it’s pretty hard to find plaid co-ords. Luckily, Urban Outfitters has the hook-up this year.

Get this look: GUESS + UO Plaid Trucker Jacket ($98), Dionne Women’s Costume ($51)


Romy and Michel

This movie-inspired best friend costume is all about the 90’s. Yes, that means accessorizing with hair clips and chokers!

Get this look: Wine Me Dine Me Nightie ($28), Blue Spandex Dress ($12)


2003 VMAs: Britney and Madonna

Britney and Madonna’s on-stage kiss was a memorable pop culture moment (even by VMA standards). If you want to pay homage to it, here’s your costume guide.

Get the look: Make Me Up Bodysuit ($58), Long Sleeve Gloves ($7)


Ariana and Pete

As arguably the most photographed couple of 2018, you’ll have plenty of inspo pics for this costume. Of course, a sky-high ponytail is essential.

Get this look: Steph Petrol Blue Oversized Hoodie ($30), Temporary Highlight Spray in Platinum Blonde ($7)


Twins from The Shining

I’m not one for horror movies, but for those of you who are, here’s a best friend Halloween costume that calls for creepy contact lenses and plenty of fake blood.

Get this look: White Knee High Socks ($10), Costume Dress ($31)


Penelope and North West

Try copying the time P and North turned their walk to ballet class into a full-blown photo shoot and an instant viral sensation.

Get this look: Black Tutu ($21), Biker Jacket ($62)


Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington

This Halloween costume is another one that’s sure to impress every fashion lover you know. If you really want to be convincing, try not to smile or take off your oversized sunnies.

Get this look: Curly Red Wig ($19), Multicolor Tweed Jacket ($33)


If you and your best friend try any of the pop culture-inspired Halloween costumes on this list, show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @cfashionista.

Opening image by Allie Costa