Sorry, But Dad Style is Officially Our New Favorite Trend

Sorry, But Dad Style is Officially Our New Favorite Trend

TBH, some of the trendiest pieces out there right now were something many of us once laughed at (seriously, even fanny packs are cool now). Big white sneakers, baggy cargo pants—there are so many pieces of the moment that were once considered “ugly” trends, so it’s been a bit of a surprise to see them taking over my Instagram feed as of late. That was until it hit me that these trends all come from a familiar place. That’s right: We’re dressing like our dads. I’m not kidding—I’m starting to think our fathers may have been spot on with their fashion choices. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. Below are five pieces that were undeniably inspired by your old man’s closet that are sure to convince you to try this trend for yourself.

Dad Style Rectangular Sunglasses Trend

PHOTO: Monica San Luis, Boston University

Rectangular Shades

No longer do rectangular frames belong only on your dad’s transitional lenses. They’re the new perfect accessory that screams “model-off-duty” level of cool. Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber are huge fans of this trend, and I’m definitely on board with it, too. Throw them on with any outfit to instantly make it look like you tried way harder than you did.

Dad Style Cargo Pants Trend

PHOTO: Chloe Felopulos, Fordham University

Cargo Pants

Thanks to the rising brand I.AM.GIA, cargo pants are back and cooler than ever. Sorry, not sorry. As pants are getting looser by the minute, we’re moving further and further away from the skinny jeans of the 2010s. Since I’m so used to the typical form-fitting pant trend, these are a totally out-there piece for me, so I try to experiment with them. I like to pair them with a crop top or a bodysuit to balance out the bagginess of the piece. If you’re still skeptical, you can find them in a skirt or shorts for a more toned-down look.

Dad Style Oversize Blazer Trend

PHOTO: Tumi Nwanma, Rutgers University

The Suit Jacket

Menswear is huge this year, and celebrities and it-girls are taking hints from every ‘80s dad with the oversize blazer. This look works over a casual daytime outfit or with your everyday workwear. But don’t think the blazer is reserved for just the colder seasons. You can transform it into a spring and summer look by wearing it as a dress or by pairing it with shorts. Bonus: It looks great with your other dad pieces as well for a full-on “lewk.”

Dad Style Fanny Pack Trend

PHOTO: Erin Eagle, Syracuse University

Fanny Packs

No matter how much you may deny it, fanny packs are no longer reserved for tacky dads on vacation. In fact, they’ve become the it-bag of the summer, and are by far one of my all-time favorite accessories. I love the hands-free practicality they give, and they come in so many different styles, you can literally find one that goes with every outfit. There are sporty options to spice up your athleisure looks, leather to take you day-to-night looks up a notch, and belt-style if you aren’t ready to fully commit. Wear it across your torso for an even fresher take on the accessory.

Dad Style Chunky White Sneaker Trend

PHOTO: Katilyn Perry, College Fashionista Alum

The “Dad Sneaker”

Popularized by designers like Balenciaga and Gucci, chunky trainers that scarily resemble the all-white New Balances your dad used to wear to barbecues are taking over street style. Now, companies like Topshop and Fila are making more affordable options so anyone can play around with the “ugly sneaker” trend. I’ll admit, I was definitely skeptical at first—but the sneaker trend has become one of my favorites after seeing it done so many ways. I like to pair them with a cute and casual athleisure outfit like a tracksuit or bike shorts underneath an oversize sweatshirt. An even bolder way to style them is with your professional workday attire to create a total ‘80s business-chic vibe.

Which dad trends are you loving? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening image by Ybik Gaviria.