Beauty Through Mental Health

June 6th, 2017 at 2:00am
Beauty Through Mental Health

What is mental health? Mental health defines our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Talking about mental health can be difficult because sometimes we face struggles far more difficult to overcome than we imagined. The way we choose to handle these situations, however, can impact our mindset. A positive mind equals a positive life. That does not mean that it will be easy to overcome obstacles or even mental struggles. I wanted to share a few tips to keep a positive mindset including spreading kindness, creating smart goals, and allowing yourself to relax.

Spreading kindness

Kindness is always well received. When we spread kindness, we not only bring out the joy in ourselves but in others also. A small act of kindness goes a long way. These small acts include:

  1. Smiling
  2. Doing something that benefits someone else
  3. Listening

All of these acts are small and simple things that may just make someone’s day. Spreading positivity allows you to live a positive life and this allows positive mental health.

Creating smart goals

Creating new and smart goals is a positive way to keep yourself moving forward when it feels like you have just about had it. These goals may include starting a healthy lifestyle, exercising, developing a new skill or hobby, or anything you can think of that benefits you in a positive way. Exercising, for example, releases endorphins and can make you feel happier, stronger, and more confident. Why not even try a new detox for a jump on that healthy lifestyle? Beauty gurus suggest Edible Beauty Australia Loose Tea because it can regenerate your body, skin and mind. Finally, now that you have created your smart goals, write them down in a journal or a planner. Once those are written down, don’t be afraid to get started on them!

Time to relax

What we do not talk about enough is the importance of relaxing. It is extremely important to set aside time for yourself to do something that makes you happy. Friends can join you, but feel free to say no to friends sometimes. Go out and take part in your favorite hobby or grab some coffee from your favorite coffee shop, I recommend Alfred’s on Melrose, take a hike to free your thoughts, enjoy nature, or simply sit and write out your thoughts in a crafty notebook. This could be the perfect time to let out those feelings that you have been keeping for a while. You should also never be afraid to poor those emotions into something creative either. Overall, you should be giving yourself a break and enjoying some time to yourself.

I hope this can help you maintain positive mental health and feel confident to share your beauty with us!

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