Confession—I Still Wear Body Glitter

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Movies that they only watch alone, sweet treats they sneak in the night, and songs that they blast in the car. I’ll admit that I listen to Disney soundtracks more than is socially acceptable for a college-age “adult.”

Makeup and beauty products can be guilty pleasures, too. There are those products that we bury at the bottom of our makeup bag in fear of our roommates seeing; yet would equally lose our minds if we left home without it. Sometimes we don’t even realize our pleasures are something we should feel “guilty” about until we are faced with the awkward stares and judgmental eyes once our secret love affair is “exposed.”

Here’s the truth: I love body glitter. You know that majestic, shiny, totally unnatural specks you wore in middle school? Yes, I still not only wear it, but have a plethora of options. It was recently revealed to me that my love of body glitter is not a universal one. My friend once joked when we went out dancing that I rivaled the disco ball with the sparkles on my shoulders. How was I to respond? Thank you?

In this day and age beauty trends come and go faster than the seasons, and it can be hard to keep up. Some trends even start as a joke and then actually get some traction. (I’m looking at you feather brows.) But there are some old staples that ladies hold onto from their middle school days; products and trends that have proven their worth and can still hold their ground in our eyes. I still rock blue eye shadow and a glossy lip, and I have a few friends who swear by their sunless tanner.

Are these the “latest” trends in beauty? No. Do some people consider them taboo or tacky? Probably. Do I care? Not really. As with any real relationship, the heart wants what the heart wants (even if that is colorful glitter applied in a totally unnatural way across my cheekbones and collarbone).

Do you have any beauty related guilty pleasures? Let us know in the comments below!