BEAUTY BAR: Winter Waves

Hat hair, cold Minnesota weather and tousled hair. How fantastic does that sound? Let’s be real, the tousled hair is the most appealing part. We have been seeing this trend of roots and beachy waves for quite a few years now. I don’t blame us all for wanting to look like we effortlessly stepped off the beach in paradise. It is not only arctic temperatures right now but the look is absolutely adorable.

Although I have chosen to pursue a new career in the retail industry, my heart will always belong to the beauty industry. I was drawn to the industry because I always had a niche for design concepts and it spoke to me through the art of hair. I was drawn to this Fashionista’s bob or as we like to call it in 2016, “the LOB”. What stood out to me was the way she used her natural hair color to create depth at her roots. She chose a soft blonde highlight to not only act as an accent around her face but also to add dimension and complement the texture of her haircut.

As a professional in the beauty industry, I know what technical problems you are faced with. As an individual, I really understand the issues at hand. I have been asked a lot lately about how I achieve my waves. Beach waves really do not need to be that complicated. They look relaxed and effortless, and with a few simple tools and products you should be able to say the same for the time spent creating them.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Find a tool that you feel comfortable with. Not one that your friend successfully uses but one that you feel in control of. Whether it is a classic iron, flat iron or a wand, I suggest trying them all out to get a feel for your preference. Secondly, using the correct products will be your hair’s saving grace. I cannot stress enough how crucial products are in achieving beach waves! I am loving sea salt texture sprays right now. The lightweight polymers contribute to thickening up the hair shaft, allowing you to continuously build volume and texture without product build-up or that weighed-down feeling. It can be used in towel-dried hair as well as with a finishing product for added texture. I prefer to prep my hair for blow drying with a few pumps all over my head. I then proceed to curl with a wand and finish with hairspray.