BEAUTY BAR: Wiggin' Out for Winged Eyeliner

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is looking for the latest and greatest makeup tricks. Luckily, I found this Fashionista walking to class with the best basic start to any makeup look, whether it be Halloween or trudging to class—winged eyeliner. Many people don’t wear eyeliner unless they have to, but I personally wear winged liner as much as I possibly can for many reasons. Not only does it make my little baby eyes appear to be bigger, but I also believe it shows the world the confident and independent women we all have the potential to be. Halloween is the perfect night to try this makeup trend because whether it’s a hit or a miss, no one judges on Halloween night!

There are many different variations and forms to winged eyeliner so you can alter it to however it looks best for your eyes. You can use liquid eyeliner, like I do, which is easy and effective and easy to re-do when one side ends up bigger than the other (which is always). You can use a gel eyeliner that comes in a little pot and use a makeup brush to basically draw/paint your eyelids. This Fashionista told me her awesome trick to getting the wings perfectly straight was tape! She puts a small piece of tape under the lash line of her bottom lid. She then angles it towards the end of her eyebrow so she can then just trace along the edge of the tape to get a perfectly straight line! Not only is she rockin’ perfectly winged eyeliner, the color of her lip stain is very trendy this fall. Dark red lipstick is hot every fall/winter but especially at Florida State where one of our school colors is garnet. She pairs the lip stain with a garnet and blue flannel and gray T-shirt dress. Slip on some Converse to pull any campus outfit together. Grab your Ray Bans and Jansport backpack and head to class.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, all you need is basic eyeliner and some lipstick. This Fashionista used Covergirl Line Exact liquid eyeliner. She also used Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in crushed plum. The sparkly eye shadow she has on is Mac’s pressed pigment in black grape. Easy, breezy, beautiful, winged eyeliner.